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Which clutch kit to get?

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I have 05 Z and my clutch I think is dieing out. I dont know what clutch kit it has at the moment. It could be dual mass or single mass.

I'm after non button clutches for everyday driving. Pedal feel to be not hard. Car is NA stock. Thinking about going light fly wheel for quick revs rise and fall.

since i dont know what's in the car right now, Exedy said to buy a kit.


so whatever is there, it can be replaced with the above.

Is that a good clutch/flywheel combo? Is there other brands that are cheaper but do same job? JWT? NPC?

Post some kits that you guys are using.








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Nothing wrong with your choice of clutch but since you asked; I'm more than happy with my Extreme Clutch. Been in the car for more than 2 years, no noise, no issues. In fact I had an issue some time ago which needed to get to the clutch (nothing to do with Extreme clutch). Clutch plate looked like brand new. Best part was the price. Shop around as there was at least a $200 difference from place to place for the same clutch. Bursons was were I picked it up from in Sydney.

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      Hi guys, Having recently purchased my 2011 370Z in immaculate condition, except gutter rash on 2 wheels, I researched a business to repair same online. Should you be in the Newcastle area I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rim Repair Newcastle. The business operator Lee is originally from Texas USA, and has been doing this work for 20 years in total, and his professionalism and quality of work bears this out. I was more than impressed by his work, completing the repairs with tyres on rims, masking everything meticulously before the painting process, completing same with a clear over the top.  
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      Cancel that!
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      I'm in that boat right now. How did you go??
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      I had same today. I had it happen once before and found the hammer hit on the metal box got me going... I figured that was the last of it. I was not aware of the fuse pull once you get started. It happened again today and RAA towed to Main North Nissan. I now know about the fuse pull but it's too late. Quoted $2300 to fix. If Nissan won't cover it, I will pull it out and try and fix myself...
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      Hi mate,   Welcome. I run a very stock 2009 370z and have had zero problems. I think it depends on how you drive it and what you do to it. The only thing I can warn you about is the very limited rear 180deg view, e.g., behind your ears back. That said, its a sports car so kinda to be expected and you will learn to cope. Cheers.