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    • Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?
      By brendontharp · Posted
      Hi Guys,   ive had this sound for a while . car hasnt been driven in years basically . i took all sparks out and replaced them but did find a fair amount of oil in spark/cyl 6 which i believe is just a VQ thing ill do the valve cover just trying to find the cause of the noise / issue first. . ive cleaned it all up and sound is still there. could it be a bad coil or has anyone else come into this?    video-1591410978.mp4 video-1591410984.mp4
    • Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?
      By Ralph Kneale · Posted
      Hi, 370Cal. Thanks for replying to my post. I can see it'll be pricey to turn my 370z into an M2 beater, but I think it's worth it. I like the looks, old-school layout, and classic Japanese tuner's dream aura. I think it'll be a blast to get it up to speed. As for return on investment, I'm not concerned about that. I just need to turn-over my cars every four years to continue to benefit from depreciation at tax time. I might keep this one, after four years, and write something else off. Cheers. Hi, Marsh. Thanks for the specific details regarding tuning. I like your approach: everything other than the engine first. That's always been mine too. The first things I would do are to tighten and tie-down the body, which I know isn't light. I also like what you said about a mechanical LSD. Those things are the best additions to a car's performance parts, in most cases. It's good to hear your car's on rails. I have struggled to find anything by car reviewers that goes into the inherent balance of the car. I just want to avoid  a car that understeers. For example, an Audi RS3, which has loads of power, a short wheel base, and isn't very heavy (although also not light). It understeers like a boat, and that handling flaw just can't be fully corrected by street legal suspension changes.  As far as the engine is concerned, I'd be very interested to see what the 370z can do short of forced induction. If I go down that route, I'll get a supercharger because I want to retain sharp throttle response. I checked-out the link you provided; it looks like your car goes where it's pointed. Cheers, Ralph 
    • Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?
      By Marsh · Posted
      Hi Ralph im also 45 YO. And own the very car you describe, For me it’s a road registered track only car and sometimes it gets taken out for the odd cruise (twice in a year). I bought a used 2014 Non Nismo 370z Manual and did the following mods, the intention was to always have this as a track toy.  Oil cooler Z1- This needs to be your first Mod  New Hardrace bushes and rear arms throughout the car. stillen exhaust front upper control arms (SPL)  good set of 2 piece disks and race pads- brakes are really good for about 6 -7 Hard laps  Then you have to back off for 1- I may get brake ducting, I see no need for an upgrade here. MCA Red coil overs - best Mod ever I can turn them down and they are very comfy.  white line front sway Bar  standard rear sway bar  Standard subframe and diff bushes ( I need to do the diff ones)  1 race seat 😀 1 professional race level alignment and corner balance  Nt01 semi slick 275 40 18 all round  car has a basic tune to enable left foot braking and maybe get it a little more responsive -uprev Nismo body kit for the looks - 😎 the car is absolutely on Rails And turn In is Porsche like. In the correct hands will Keep up with a hi end sports Car ( Not on the straights however, but Its not drag racing! )    Things I’d do to it now? 
      half cage (For my well-being)  Mechanical LSD As the VLSD doesn’t like getting hot and I have to change fluids every track day to keep it working. a few instructors have jumped in with me and they have been surprised on the cars composure and balance and those guys get to see a lot of cars. https://youtu.be/olkAcVSDwYs Im after something Lighter and more track only for my next car and am contemplating selling the Z but I would do so with a heavy heart, Maybe I can convince the Wife to keep it for her Daily....    All the best       
    • Apple CarPlay
      By papajhotel · Posted
      Hi, has anybody tried using Naviplus  to update the stock head unit? Looks like a tidy solution.
    • Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?
      By 370Cal · Posted
      Hey Ralph, Depending on what sort of power plant you left the clio in (in terms of mods and such) The nismo will be a far greater contender with the right mods attached. Depending on your overall budget for the car, off the top of my head. Everyones go-to mods are: Intake, hfc, cbe, tune, coilovers will set you a good 7k give or take on install costs. And given the right tuner you’ll see 240kw atrw. If you want to go turbo or supercharger. You’ll need deeper pockets unfortunately. Some turbo kits from the states are an easy 15k without clutch, flywheel and some without fuel pump and injectors. And obviously a tune on top. Then you add your coilovers and exhaust to that equation too. I’d personally set aside a potential 80k including cost of the car if you were looking for a daily driven track car. And i wouldn’t really expect a great return on investment at the end of the 4 years regardless of the mods. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk