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Aircon recycle/outside air button does not work

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I think maybe something wrong with my aircon.


See image above.
Left knob i set to second position from the left (blowing feet and face)
Right knob i set to AUTO.
Middle knob i set to 25 degrees. Aircon airflow comes from outside car as highlighted in the knob. When i press this button it does not change to recycle mode.
Only way to change it to recycle mode is when i change the degress to below 21. When its below 21, the mode automatically changes to recycle mode. Press the button to change it back to outside air doesn't work.

So looks like i can only change the outside air/recycle only by adjusting the temp and not from pressing the button.

Is this an issue? or this is how it is? my car is 2005 350z

Thanks everyone

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Problem fixed. Behind the controls is a WHITE connector that was not touching all the terminals very well. Used some tape to make sure its a tight fit and walla everything works! biggrin.gif

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