2009 370z Reverse Camera and HDMI input

By Mud in I.C.E,
Here is some info on what I got to work with my Jul 2009 370z . I wanted to add a reverse camera to my 2009 370z, however there is a lot of different info out there.
I read if you have 2010, no problem, but 2009 can be sketchy. It's not. I saw a few people add Naviks systems on here , but none specifically to the 2009 models.
I contacted Naviks via their website and ebay and they were prompt and helpful through both.
They advised there are 2 different screens and they have a module to fit both, i just popped out my screen and gave them the part number off the back.
I purchased the module for US$220, with shipping it came to about AU$390. It arrived in 5 days. It installed easily, it's plug and play with the addition of power, ground and reverse trigger. There are heaps of videos out there. I bought an ebay camera that replaces a number plate light and wired into the reverse lights (there are videos on this too) I bought a chrome-cast and wired in an extra USB socket to power it, and plugged it straight into the Naviks via the HDMI.  I ran the audio output RCAs from the Naviks under the center console and into the back of the console it then into the RCA aux inside the console. The Naviks has a small extra button, about the size of a $2 coin. I popped that up next to the drivers knee under the start button, didn't need to stick it. It's almost invisible. Anyway, it all works exactly as advertised. See video below    
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