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370z Spare Button in Center Console (between heated seats)

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I searched and searched for some kind of button to go between the 2 heated seat buttons next to the cup holder and couldn't find anything.
That slot is reserved for the roof button on the convertible, so I was left with either using a heated seat button or a roof button.

After a lot more investigation, and seeing that a lot buttons are shared between different Nissan models, especially the 4x4s I came across a heap of buttons from aironboard.com.au.

I found a garage door button part no 1B86GOM , they have other designs (spotlights etc)  At $27 it's not the cheapest, but I though it wouldn't kill me if it didn't work.

It worked, perfect factory fit.


However the led in the button is a yellow/amber

Pull button out, snip off the amber led, and solder on an orange one (50c from Jaycar)

Boom perfect


Video of everything in motion

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That's cool Mud-well done and how practical! I have the Roadster so i'm all good:D

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Nice job, looks great

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      By Muzz370Z · Posted
      Hi all, Thanks for the add. I've just purchased my 1st 370Z and absolutely love it. Quality car, quality performance. Looking forward to seeing everyone's Z cars.
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      By 370Cal · Posted
      Start off small, go catback exhaust like invidia which is quite popular around here. I personally have a motordyne catback, and for the system itself, it is usually plenty deep and loud! If you do find yourself at one of the next car meets, swing by and have a listen to what exhaust tone you like. Moving forward with headers and test pipes like the US Z community do, they do tend to go over the db limit here in AUS, as well as become deafening whilst driving. It’s not like people dont so it, but it’s not tolerable for most. I would also encourage you to fit the catback yourself, it really isnt that hard and you save some cash installing it yourself! It’s only a couple of 12-14mm nuts and bolts and youre golden. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      How much just for SC kit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      By Z34NIZ · Posted
      HI damo-heato, I know it's been a very, very long time since this post was made but i came across it and was wondering if you still had all the parts for sale and if so how much would you want for them (I know the answer is probably no since it's been so long but might as well try). Cheers! 
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      Has anyone actually verified that a simple disk copy will work? Has anyone actually done it and made it work properly?