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Advice for Fuel Injector Cleaners

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Hey all. New to the Z family and this forums. Just got my Z recently serviced and Nissan gave me this fuel injector cleaner performance plus bottle that I'm supposed to put in the tank in the next fill up. The directions on the bottle isn't 100% clear and it's 250ml. What's the proper usage for these and how much do I put in the tank before refuel? How often should it be done? eg every 2.5ks or per oil change or every service etc? And does it help much if at all? What other brands would you guys recommend that are better than the one nissan gives?


Many thx in advance for all your helpful replies! I have no regrets with my fairlady. It's been a dream since day 1 B)

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    • New kid on the block
      By Bry · Posted
      Was this car from Taz ?
    • Hi from Newcastle
      By harry.egan · Posted
      Hi Rodd, Im in Newcastle and congrats on the purchase. I havent met many other Zed owners on this forum from Newie. You are in the right place if you want to learn more about the Zed as i have found being pretty much a novice. Cheers Harry Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
    • Stillen exaust
      By #1ZED · Posted
      Hi Elvis, I know your post was from last year but did you ever settle on a CBE? I just bought a roadster and looking at doing something very similar shortly.  
    • Hi from Newcastle
      By #1ZED · Posted
      Just bought a 2012 370Z red roadster, via a long road trip from the Whitsundays.  Just love the car the more I drive it. I have always loved Zeds, ever since I was a kid playing soccer and my coach bought a 260Z and took me for drive to game one Sat morning.  I also owned 260Z for about 12 years which I thoroughly restored.  No mods or anything else done etc my new plates. Keen on a new exhaust at some stage. I  Joined the Z club to learn more about the car, share stories etc and hopefully do the odd weekend drive with fellow members. Are there many Newcastle Zed owners out there….. Cheers, Rodd 
    • New kid on the block
      By 370boi · Posted
      Thanks Bry I can't take credit though, previous owner put them on, one of the main reasons I bought this particular example!