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Hey there Z'dsters.

So after reading all the comments about rim size and style, im now hesitant to change them. Its a lot of money out laid for something that could go horribly wrong.

Firstly im not a lover of my 2012 rims... hence the reason for change.

To be honest with you all, im now confused as hell and don't really no which way to turn.

I find that im varying from the 19" because of the other styles and makes of rim that i like but are not made in a 19" .

This Z'd is my first real nice car that is my baby as all of my vehicles have been high powered motorcycles so the Z'd relm is a learning curve to me.

Ozzy tyres has two rims i'm considering, 1. is a 20" x 8.5 gloss black rim called ( pro drag PD1 ) now its a 8.5 inch width, which after researching can accomadate a tyre width from 225mm to 255mm.

The 2nd rim im considering is a Vertini drift 19" x 8.5. colour to be decided.

So after reading everyone's input i really am confused as to which way i should go and colour really.

My Z'd is a 2012 Montery blue, and she is stock as a rock. Her shoe size's are.... Front: 245/40 x 19.    Rear: 275/35x19.

They are Achilles tyres and i do not recommend, i find they are hopeless in the wet, crappy handling and helps the car understeer even more, and milage was lame and quite noisy........


So wheel and tyre package is needed for my baby girl......

So in your opinion guyz do you think the 20" rims a waste of money for the Z'ds.

And would you consider 17 / 18" deep dish rims and why. would it cause complications being a smaller wheel etc etc.

if you guys and gals don't mind.......... Some proper education on this matter would be seriously appreciated.

Thanks Z'dsters.


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17s wouldn't fit over your brakes and 8.5 width will barely fill your guards. I run 20s on my 350Z and the front pair are 8.5's but they are a very low offset so they fill the front guards. My rears are 10" wide and I wouldn't go any narrower on a 370Z unless it's a very low offset. If you want to have a play around with wheels and tyre sizes to see what they look like, check out http://rimtuck.com/ 


Also I am on my 4th set of Achilles tyres and I reckon they're awesome!

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Really... .......you like the Achilles. Mmm that's interesting. 

Tbh man. I can't wait to get rid of em. Im going to go for the potenza if i can get em in my size .

Cheers for the link. 

I'll check it out now .

Cheers Rob. Nice wheels and z'd. The silver surfer.


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