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    • Nissan 370Z Pricing Experience & Advice
      By VTR · Posted
      This one... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Nissan-370Z-2017/OAG-AD-15932887/?Cr=0 in Victoria is much cheaper than that. Good luck with your purchase.
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      By MarkSuarez · Posted
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    • Yeah, hello
      By OBSESSED · Posted
      Awesome, go hard with the SC but from what I see of mine, what little room there was under the bonnet will become even less!! 
    • Nissan 370Z Pricing Experience & Advice
      By Jemmett · Posted
      Yeewww, very old thread but hopefully somneone will spot the revival and help me out.. Basically looking at a new 370z NISMO in NSW (sydney) Full price seems to be aroun 67K but this Price My Car site (https://www.pricemycar.com.au) is telling me $61k is a realistic target - not sure you can see below but it says Driveaway: $60,903Saving: $6,732 or 9.95%https://pricemycar.com.au/nissan/370z/nismo Then I've got a dealer busting my chops at little over $62K (in stock) Thoughts?