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Amuse R1 Titan Progress or R1 Titan Extra???

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Hey all, I have decided to get an Amuse catback exhaust and have been given two options - Progress and Extra. The website is in Japanese and I’m not really sure what the difference between the two is. I was told the Extra was the louder option but both are 93db. I want a deep tone that isn’t ridiculously loud so that the whole world knows I’m arriving when I’m in the next suburb. Watching videos on you tube I think I like the sound of the Progress model better but it is so hard to make a decision. Planning to install front pipe and hfc after my warranty expires early next year. Any help on the differences between the two models would be greatly appreciated. 9ea248804afd9afe5c37d3c232d0affa.jpg Thanking you in advance Chantelle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Hi Chantiz,


I have the Powerhouse Amuse Titan extra. It’s not that loud at all but gives the zed a bueatiful sound. I’m not too sure what the difference is between the extra and the progress. 

Keep in mind YouTube clips don’t give a great indication of sound. 

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    • Keyless fob programming
      By younes · Posted
      Did you end up finding any solution? i have this exact problem, no hazard lights and the button only locks the passanger side
    • Hi from Newcastle
      By harry.egan · Posted
      Night and day between the two and in a good way. Where the stock sounds like a asthmatic broken lawn mower the Invidia has a nice rumble to it low down and opens up to a pleasant scream above 3500 - 4000 rpm. Titanium tips sit a little proud and are a bit gaudy but suit the style of the car so i dont mind. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
    • Hi from Newcastle
      By #1ZED · Posted
      That's right, keen to do something like that. Still not sure about the HFC's though-some thread comments below:   Having had a Stillen CBE on its own and a Stillen + HFCs, I’d say a Stillen with stock cats would be a good option for a roadster” -To be honest though the stillen doesn’t need the hfc, especially with the roadster -If you dont want constant loud humming or a loud exhaust in general, then stay away from the hfcs. There is a thread where some guys returned them to stock and couldnt be happier. They said the hfc just made the cabin that much more noisy and annoying.   Did you put the Invidia on after you bought your car? Happy with the improvement compared to stock? Cheers,   
    • New kid on the block
      By Bry · Posted
      Yeah I remember seeing it for sale on autotrader and thinking it looked like it's been well cared for.
    • New kid on the block
      By 370boi · Posted
      Yep, drove it up on the car ferry