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    • Soft top repairer in Sydney?
      By #1ZED · Posted
      Hi Tony, just saw your post, although it is over 6 months old now. Did you end up getting your roof sorted? If so whereabouts. I own a Roadster, live in Newcastle and am having an issue with the deck lid hitting the roof 5th bow.Still opens and closes fine for now. It appears to be a very common problem as I have following the ongoing US 370z forum on this matter. There is actually a Nissan service bulletin out for this plus others for roof issues. Rodd
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      By glentymillist · Posted
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    • Mishimoto oil cooler my experience
      By Bry · Posted
      I removed the stock cooler when I fitted a 34 row fast intentions oil cooler last year. According to fast intentions the stock water cooled oil cooler will hinder the effects of a front mount air cooled oil cooler. There’s a thread explaining why they say it’s best to remove the stock cooler  when fitting a front mount cooler if you feel like googling it.
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      By Pilar Pirtle · Posted
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      By calebrubin · Posted
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