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    • Invidia HFC
      By harry.egan · Posted
      Where in sydney mate. If possible i might make the journey Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
    • Invidia HFC
      By ChocSoldier · Posted
      I'm in Sydney unfortunately, was about to suggest that though as we're planning a meet this Sunday.

      I'll see what I can do, but like I said, bit hard to find somewhere where you can do it without drawing attention etc
    • P0011 Code (2012 370Z)
      By Trent Bray · Posted
      Anybody have experience with the error code P0011? car is currently with the mechanic...unable to find an actual issue everything is checking out and few things been checked/ replaced but car is still not running right. Initial easier fixes through troubleshooting or stripping it down to access the gasket behind (unsure if it was the galley gasket) are yet to get it going, timing, valves, actuators etc. seem fine as checked once pulled apart a bit... mechanic said he had one or two more things to try then may have to get it to Nissan dealer. Could it be a simpler fix they have overlooked like oil pressure/ filter? but assuming they had already gone their through process of elimination..
    • 370z soft top replacement
      By Cam · Posted
      Hi guys. I bought a 370 roadster recently and when i was checking it out i noticed a little tear starting. i didnt think much of it because my 350 soft top replacement was pretty straight forward, there was plenty of DIY literature and the tops were all over ebay. Now i own the thing, i went looking to buy a replacement top and....err....no literature and next to nothing available. crap. Help? Suggestions? Cheers!
    • Invidia HFC
      By harry.egan · Posted
      Video would be great if you get the chance. If you are ever in the Newcastle area and have a few minutes let me know as i would like to hear it in person. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk