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    • Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.
      By thatguy420 · Posted
      Hey mate how's the Z going? Keen to catch up early may for a wee drive? Sent from my S30 using Tapatalk
    • Another Z owner from Perth
      By thatguy420 · Posted
      Hey guys I am picking up my 09 370z at the start of may and I want to know how many people are in the Perth area? I am hoping to meet up with some fellow enthusiasts to do some spirited driving around the local tracks and the Perth hills of course, I'm not from here so would appreciate some local knowledge of the better roads to drive!! I have been trying to find fb related pages with not much luck so thought I'd try here. Cheers for your time and hope to meet some of you soon That Guy Sent from my S30 using Tapatalk
    • Swaybars or coilovers
      By 370Cal · Posted
      Aye write 👌🏼. Come around to the next sydney meet up Im keen to see this setup in person Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Post cat air flow sensor
      By Fresh09 · Posted
      Hi Guys Did a search but can't seem to find anyone with the same issue. I'm running the motordyne tdx2 exhaust with berk cats. When I first installed the exhaust, there was an noticeable increase in power. I never got a proper tune but the battery was unplugged during install. As the exhaust settled over the next few months, it got a little louder and then a gradual loss in performance. I noticed that some of the bolts needed to be re-tightened which explains the noise but when I took out the post cat air sensors, they were completely black and looked clogged with exhaust powder. I cleaned the sensors and put the stock cats and exhaust back on and the car feels a lot faster. Car never showed any fault signals. I'm not sure if this is normal with HFC's. I was considering getting the motordyne resonated test pipes but I'm now worried that the sensors will get dirty even quicker. I assume the sensors are detecting less 02 and therefore less fuel going in and reducing performance. Is this correct? Is it normal for this to occur with HFC's and test pipes? Any help would be appreciated.
    • Hi, First time Z car owner - Perth.
      By s14 · Posted
      Looks mint mate. I love the bonnet bulge too. Looks very 240z ish.