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    • Buying a 370Z
      By BlueZed · Posted
      DON"T DO IT!!  Buy a 350Z Track and learn to drive a manual! 
    • Convertible roof
      By #1ZED · Posted
      Hi Elvis, this is an older post, not sure if your are still reading the forum but how did you go with replacing that plastic rub strip on your deck lid? Mine is wearing and I thought I might try Altapac, they specialise in tinting, clear wrapping etc. Anybody else done something similar? Also did you find a product to clean your soft top? Raggtopp cleaner followed by their protector appear to be the best product on the market, available in Oz from Auto sunroof and trimming in Melb. Rodd
    • 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.
      By #1ZED · Posted
          That's interesting Ian, didn't think 2013+ models were effected either, ie didn’t think they had those steering locks fitted. My 2012 had the same problem, you may have read my post. I had my car at Nissan waiting for a repair, not covered under the recall, and luckily I read up on the issue. I went done to Nissan to my car, wacked the lock with a hammer 3 times, got is started , pulled steering lock fuse there and then and drove off! I would suggest your new unit is likely to eventually fail as well so I would just pull the fuse anyway. Cheers, Rodd
    • 2014 370Z with orange key light lit up when driving.
      By ZBanger · Posted
      Just following up for info that might be handy for any others who have the same problem and same model Z as mine. Put the car into my local Nissan dealer and explained my issues and they had it for 2 days and found a fault code while doing diagnostics (which cost me $143). They contacted Nissan Australia and sure enough it was the fault code for the electronic steering lock. (I know previous posts on this topic have suggested that the steering lock problem did not exist on models after a certain year) So looks like models even as late as mine are effected. Local dealer gave me a quote of $1999 to fix it but offered to present it to Nissan Australia as part of the recall even though my VIN number was not covered but could not guarentee me that it would be covered. Received phone call today from local Nissan dealer and was told that all parts and labour will be covered by Nissan Australia - great news. Goes in on Friday to be repaired. Cheers
    • CONSULT 111
      By RobSmith · Posted
      Thanks,   Ill talk to Chris.