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2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS

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Hey guys!


I have recently come across v20 c2 maps that work on the 2009, 2010 370z (DVD VERSION) if anyone would like a copy PM me, I'll send you the files (or a link) and a paypal donate button so you can send me some love if you feel like it.  paypal.me/port3s


I'm in Sydney and I'm willing to make a few copies and meet up in Homebush for a chill out/update session


They aren't the most current maps but it's better than the v16 I had. I'm putting it up on on the zClub FB page too if anyone is on there.

Admin, if this isn't allowed please delete. Just wanting to help our fellow 370ers


Enjoy guys.

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Hey bud,

I've also got a copy of the v20 maps (DVD Version) but when I burnt them to a DVD, I popped it into the DVD rom in the car, loaded it successfully but I cannot type in an address. Did you have this problem?

Some say, from the US 370Z site that it could be the quality of media I'm using. Any thoughts?


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