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    • Front Bar Upgrade 2012 to 2016
      By ChocSoldier · Posted
      Attempted to do this last weekend:

      There's no issues with the actual bar and lights, but the two air bag sensors near the fangs/grille will need to be replaced (maybe if you just get new mounts you could swap it over but I'm not sure). I got really annoyed that they were mounted to the bar not the car and gave up on the idea and just ordered a lip for my 09 bar. As a warning they will be clipped in VERY tight, so for those two I just removed the mount off the bumper as opposed to unclipping the wire harness.

      As for the wiring, I was planning on running Morimoto Xchange to switch the DRL's on and off with the car, but it didn't work as advertised.. It said to wire to a 12V constant (which I was skeptical about) and I assumed it would handle sensing if the car was on or off, so I tried switching to a switched power source and couldn't get it working.

      You'll basically just need to get some sort of relay and wire it from a switched power source to the DRL's and also tap into the parkers (DRL's should turn off when the parkers are on).

      Will likely list mine up this weekend if you want it all cheap and are willing to travel, I may have blown one DRL when testing the wiring but it's more likely I just blew the Morimoto Xchange unit (there was a spark when one of the crimps failed and the wire slipped out.. was planning on soldering once I figured out where everything went).

    • New member Gold Coast
      By irish · Posted
      Just new to the 370z. Wondering where they all hang out on the Gold Coast ??   Would like to join a group for a cruise for sure,   Greg
    • Final drive
      By BEN313 · Posted
      I'm running a 4.08 FD and replaced all the bearing etc..and also replace the LSD with quaife LSD.. Loving it and would go back, not my DD but even if it was fuel consumption is not that noticeable..
    • Final drive
      By ghostbusters · Posted
      Bgtv8, are you using a 3.9 or 4.08 at the moment? What are your thoughts?
    • cash for cars caboolture
      By allcarsbuyer · Posted
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