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New to zclub considering a 370z

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Hi everyone

I am new to this forum and joined in the hope that someone around my area, Warrnambool southwest Victoria, would be willing to let me have a go in their 370z so as to make up my mind as to whether i would be happy in one.

I have been considering a newer car for some time as all could attest and have found a 370z in coburg melbourne for 21k with reasonable miles on it 121k and just wanting to drive one before i purchase the vehicle.

Pretty sure i would love it as wanting a rwd coupe with manual transmission though coming from a auto fwd "so called sports sedan" ralliart magna mite seem a bit strange the only other vehicles i have considered are the 86/brz or an e46 m3 both i can tell come with different advantages and disadvantages. The brz/86 being not so powerful though never driven one but with great dynamics and reliability? The m3 would be a gamble in terms of reliability and cost thats why 370z seems like the one for me.

Thoughts suggestions and anyone willing to let me drive theirs even a 350z would be nice appreciated.






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I owned an 86 for about one month. Great car, pretty quick, very nimble around town, great looking. Just about everything you would need, I thought.

And then I drove a Z.

A week later the 86 was on the market.

Depends on what you are after I guess. That 86 was so light and that little engine was so revy. It was aching for a squirt around a track. Seems like that is what it was made to do best. The Z, to me, is like a GT, Grand Tourer. Bit of a lump to lug around, plenty of grunt, lots of lux. Every time I get in the Z I feel like I am sitting in something very special. That is what did it for me. I'd give you a run in mine but I am in cockroach country.  Good luck. You WILL love it! 

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If you have you have deep pockets Id be getting the M3 hands down but they can cost you more than the cars worth if anything goes wrong with them based from experience, pending on which M3 [older models not the V8] the 370Z will be just as good in terms of performance and a whole lot CHEAPER to repair over the M3.. 86 is a great car but has ZERO performance, you can get every single bolt-on and a tune on the 86 and they will still be a slug!!!! if the 86 were boosted I would have bought it over the Z..


The 370Z is a great car, its a poor mans sports car and its a sports car to buy if you cant afford to buy the real thing hence why I have one. If you don't plan on tracking the Z they are great cars and has reasonably good performance for the everyday guy, they have a number of challenges if you ever decide to track the car..

They are also reasonably cheap to do up compared to an M3..

Do your research well , its all about your expectation and use..

Good luck!!


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