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Suspension and fitment help

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I have prepared myself for flame

Hi, I have a 2003 350z Track edition, so far it is stock apart from exhaust, CAI and that's pretty much it apart from some better tyres.

However, this year i have plans on buying new wheels, tyres, getting coil overs for my Z.

But being the complete noob i am, i know nothing about how to get fitment.

So, I would like to know if anyone knows of any good coilovers that are good for street use, and occasional track use. So far i have BC BR coil overs in mind and maybe MCA. Any Recommendations???

As for wheels i really want to go with "weds kranze lxz" as i love the deep dish look how ever i may change my mind to enkei rpf1 as they are light and solid. i also like the look of rotas or volk te37's. i will need to get a staggered set most likely as my brakes would most likely collide with the wheels as they are the brembo ones that come with the track model. here is where spacers or hub bearings or something come into play as i want to make it flush with the car. i have heard i may also need to roll my fenders but ill figure that out when i lower the car. keep in mind when i want fitment i also want as little camber as possible. or some just make it look nice, not rice. 

Tyres can be figured out when i get the wheels.

I would just like to know maybe what set ups other people are running or how to get good fitment. if your that guy that comes on here and says this has been answered, google it, help me or redirect me as i don't know what to search.

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I run 18x9.5 +22 mm and 18x10.5 +22 mm. Haven't lowered it yet though. Consider running 18x9.5 +22 mm and 18x9.5 +12 mm for a cheaper set of tyres with 245/45R18 and 265/45R18 fitment. Your speedometer will read true at that point, and you'll fill the guards without having to dump the car and scrape it over the smallest speed humps. 255/40R18 and 275/40R18 should be considered also if you feel it looks too meaty - I will run a lower profile once I lower it and the rubber wears. Currently, I only drive the car once a month so that won't be for another few years. Check out the spreadsheet I attached - I've used it to quickly gauge how aggressive the wheel geometry is. As for coil-overs, I'm looking at the Tein Flex Z with EDFCII: https://www.tein.co.jp/srch/eng_search.php?maker=default&restype=1&srchfrwd=Z33 as I've had Tein in my old Subaru Liberty and loved them. I'll let the photos do the convincing.

Wheel Dimensions.xlsx







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General2020 -

- MCA BLUES,X series,Reds or Golds pending on your use. Keep in Australian ,plus MCA does there own R & D and its a local good product if you ask me [but I could be biased] Josh  form MCA is extremely helpful and will custom your front & rear spring rates.

- Get the right Off set!!!! spacers are Illegal which means your insurance wont cover you if they find out. [your risk]

- Don't cheap out on tyres and get the right size, don't have them stretched out.

- Get the right camber,toe etc.. kit so you get it adjusted accordingly , you will need it the minute you lower the car.. [up to you if you want your tiers to last]


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