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Lowered car - RCA and LCA

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Hi all,


this question is probably for the people with more advanced suspension knowledge but i have lowered my car and obviously, since after lowering the car, the suspension geometry i.e the joints are not parallel with the road. And so i've bought a roll center adjusting kit from moonface which is only for the front i believe and contains only a few pieces of material that what seems to appear to alter the length of the stock piece. Does anyone have experience with moonface or any other roll center adjusting items in this regard ? I am a little worried about this since upon installation, the roll center adjusting joint will start to move (in particular, closer to the lower control arm) correct me if i am wrong and cause issues. Read this from a US forum but wanted more information. Would i have to get an after market lca ? I am aware that over time, the roll center component alters position anyway due to daily driving and impact and stress. Is there anything i can do to address this issue of installing a roll center adjuster ?

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They replace the stock ball joint in the stock LCA - these are only useful for excessively lowered cars, well over 30mm drop (which would make a 350z a bitch to use as a daily ride)

If installed correctly there should not be any risk of movement post installation 

You would be well advised to get professional help on this modification

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Thanks MartinZ, your input was very helpful :)

I was only after these since it would optimize the suspension geometry (for track use) and no...my car isn't lowered that much which is good to know that it shouldn't cause any issues in that case.

My LCA is slightly pointing downwards as one would imagine as the car has been slightly lowered, but i'm under the impression from what you said there should be no problem then :D

Any other input would be much appreciated!

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OP, you are playing with fire here ............ If you clearly have no idea about suspension and are intent on tracking it when an incorrectly set up suspension an cause significant car damage and or injury to the driver.

Changing the front roll centre without changing the rear roll centre will affect the way the car rolls under lateral load and that cause cause snap over-steer which most track-day newbies simply cannot cope with - usually you spin into the fence and damage the car.

Forums ARE NOT in the main a source of reliable information - yes, you can find gems but in the main what you get is personal assertion dressed up as incontrovertible fact.

If you do not possess the knowledge, consult a suspension specialist to arrive at a setup that suits you.  Starting with cr4p purchased off the web that is not well researched is about the worst place to start - all you will do is risk turning your car into a pig.

The NISMO 370Z race cars in the US Grand Am series did not need to relocate suspension pickups  and they were plenty fast.

I've been tracking my Z34 since 2009 on standard pickup points (replacement FUCA for negative camber only) and am comfortably close to 1m50s at PI and mid 20's at Sandown.

Can I ask what you feel in the car now that requires a lowered roll centre ??



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