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    • Seat covers 350Z
      By Goldz · Posted
    • Hitachi 75mm Throttle body - HELP
      By Bry · Posted
      Z1 Motorsports ship to Australia 
    • Clutch secondary cylinder failure
      By Bry · Posted
      Try having the clutch fluid replaced first and correctly bled to see if your clutch pedal returns. If not then you’ll probable need a new csc and cmc. Your mechanic would be able to inspect the clutch when fitting a new csc. P.s Nissan will rob you blind if you let them, find a trusted local garage
    • Clutch secondary cylinder failure
      By beauz · Posted
      reasonable. If correctly diagnosed. At the labour cost to drop the gearbox i would replace it all anyway. Parts required: -Clutch master cylinder -heavy duty concentric slave cylinder -Clutch & flywheel kit -dot 4 fluid 1L Suppliers US: Z1motorsport, concept z, Zspeed, specialty Z. Suppliers Aus: try Xtreme clutch australia im pretty sure they have a heavy duty concentric slave option.  Or if you want to lash out grab the OS giken clutch kit from Otomoto 👌  
    • Clutch secondary cylinder failure
      By Lizzie · Posted
      Hi all. Female diver here who has limited car knowledge these days, I am really confused about this issue and am looking for your guidance and experience out there please. I have a 2012 370Z manual which has been cherished since new. It has only 32000 kms on it. At 27000 kms I did the 40K service as it had been stored for a couple of months and was 6 years old. I told Nissan at the time that the gears were a little stiff to which they said all was good and the clutch system was inspected as part of the service. It hadn't had any other symptoms but when driving one day the clutch pedal went down half way, I hooked it up with my foot and managed to park safely before it totally failed. I drive normally and city driving has been minimal as I like living regionally, I have driven manual and sports style cars for years and never had this happen before. Nissan state that "Your clutch went because the pressure plate failed and wore out the clutch and put hot spots on the fly wheel". They have quoted:  Solid fly wheel clutch pack $ 1739.05, Labour 7.5 hrs @ $143 p/h,  inc time spent ) $ 1072.50 Total $ 2811.55  Dual mass fly wheel clutch pack  $ 3099.25, Labour 7.5 hrs @ $143 p/h ( inc time spent )  $ 1072.50, Total  $ 4171.75 Is this reasonable? from what I have read the CSC may have caused the issue in the first place though Nissan state there were no leaks. I have received mixed advice about what fly wheel to put back in? Noise, handling, longevity, gear damage etc. I am also loathe to keep spending a fortune on something that will continue to fail. Has anyone else had the same issue - did Nissan come to the party out of warranty due to crap components? Any recommendations as to clutch kit brand? Should I sell it? Do they replace the cylinders? Anything else I should ask or watch out for? I am based in the Adelaide region SA. Should I get someone else to look at it?Thank you so much