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    • Amuse R1 Titan Progress or R1 Titan Extra???
      By s14 · Posted
      Hi Chantiz,   I have the Powerhouse Amuse Titan extra. It’s not that loud at all but gives the zed a bueatiful sound. I’m not too sure what the difference is between the extra and the progress.  Keep in mind YouTube clips don’t give a great indication of sound. 
    • Wheels for sale
      By nclarke · Posted
      Thanks mate, I was thinking they'd be worth about $500.
    • FYI: Lenso Project D Spec F DO NOT fit MY13 370Z
      By ChocSoldier · Posted
      Try Facebook, you'll likely get more replies, but I doubt there would be anybody. Are there brands with similar designs that are known to fit?

      I think I vaguely may have seen some Enkei and Vossen wheels with a similar design but not 100% sure.

      Also I guess be wary about the US etc if they don't have pictures of fitment, as they're more likely to do things like excessive camber and widebody kits to "make stuff fit".
    • Wheels for sale
      By ChocSoldier · Posted
      It really comes down to how patient you are, I wasn't bothered stuffing around so I sold my 370Z Enkei's (18", similar to those) for like $550. Could have probably got more if I left it longer.

      I'd aim for that as a bare minimum, mine were similar condition but had cheap tyres on the front from the previous owner. If those 350Z wheels are forged or anything like that, then add more on top of that.
    • Wheels for sale
      By nclarke · Posted
      Hi, I'm about to take these off, does anyone have a rough idea how much they are worth? one has more rash but they're in reasonably condition with Falken Azensis tyres with about 70% tread. Thanks in advance, Neil.