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Clutch, Flywheel, Hydraulics Tech

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I was asked to do a post on some technical aspects of the 350Z clutch systems so I will try to help you guys out here a little and put out some info on commonly asked questions and hopefully answer some of your quesitons.

Some of this is basic stuff and I will shed some light on more complex areas of these systems.


I will be adding to this as my time allows.


Hopefully this will shed some light on the areas of clutch replacement, Common problems, Popular upgrades (at least here in the states) and the differences among brands


03-06 350Z/G35 Sedans, Coupes 2003-2007 VQ35DE clutch/flywheel systems.


Factory Set-up

Clutch, 240-250MM Disk (depending on year)  Self adjusting pressure plates came in some 05 and all 06 cars.


Exedy stock replacement clutch kit  (stock clutch looks almost identical)

Picture shows NON-self adjusting style pressure plate.




Dual Mass Flywheel 28-30lbs

Dual mass flywheels were introduced in recent years to reduce driveline noise as engine compression ratios became higher. The engine firing pulses can cause trans rattle and by using sprung, dual mass flywheel it absorbs these noises and harmonics into the driveline. This noise is commonly called "Chatter" when going to a single mass replacement flywheel. It's actually not "Chatter" Clutch chatter is what happens when going to a more aggrssive clutch material (more on this later)


VQ35DE Dual Mass OEM Flywheel, Common to wear out and cause noise and drivetrain shudder. Not resurfacable and recommended by Nissan to be replaced when clutch is changed, Very expensive to buy new.





2003 and some early 04 cars have a stamped steel clutch release fork and long pivot ball.


Long Pivot


later 04 and up to 2006 cars came with the cast iron clutch release fork and short pivot ball.


Short Pivot




Weak link

Stock 03 clutch fork


The stock fork in the 2003 and early 2004 cars was a stamped steel fork, These are pretty weak and cause poor release of the clutch esp with an aftermarket clutch kit, This is one of the main reasons for early gear box failure and grinding issues in the transmission


Stamped Steel Clutch Fork


The 04-06 cars have a Cast Iron clutch release fork, This was introduced early in 2004 and normally come with any new repeacement trans from Nissan.


Cast Iron Clutch Fork


Complete Upgrade kits are available with Cast iron fork, Chromoly Pivot Ball and related parts to upgrade the early cars.

You need the Fork, Short pivot ball, both attachment springs, the original dust boot can be reused if your is in good shape by cutting the tab off where the fork slides though or can be replaced with the newer style (pretty cheap)




03-06 Use and external clutch release slave cylinder


03-06 350Z Clutch slave cylinder (also used in the G35 up to 2007 in the coupe models)




More coming soon!

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I'll be keeping an eye here fo sure, good tech.



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What about the 07+ Zs?


Would like to know about them too. Thanks.

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    • I finally made it here
      By Disease · Posted
      Hey all. Well it's been a legit 15 years that I've been waiting to say this, dreaming of it in fact, And now I can.. I just bought a 350z. Can honestly say I've had my heart set on one since 2003 but was never in a position to buy, either with finance or family. It's a 2003 manual in silver, mechanically seems quite good (pretty sure I need rear wheel bearings though), cosmetically is pretty tidy, a few blemishes here and there that need a little bit of loving touch which I'm more than happy to do. I live in Newcastle but bought the car in Sydney and had to drive it out of there in peak rush hour traffic.. Wasn't that fun driving bumper to bumper with a clutch pedal I'd had 5 minutes with! Hahaha. I know there's a few Newcastle region people here, can anyone recommend a good place for services/repairs if I need any work done. Cheers Dave
    • Not feeling the love...
      By big hugh ness · Posted
      Ain't it funny how things turn around. After a year or so away from a Z, I am finding that I'm missing a Z in my life once again and am looking for a new ride. I bought a Mazda RX-7 FD some months ago and basically it has been on stands since LOL! Talk about stereotypes! Well, it's not because of the engine, I'm upgrading the suspension, and the wait for parts has taken weeks and weeks. I've put it on the market as it's just not something I can live with at the moment (I was retrenched at work, so there goes any ideas of single turbo conversion). Plus, Rotaries have appalling fuel economy.  You think the Z is bad?  Don't get me wrong, the Rx7 is kinda my dream car. When these engines are on song, man, there isn't anything like it. And when the induction whine whistles from the twin turbos and the engine growls and rumbles and backfires, well, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  But it's time to let it go and get back into something more, um, sedate.  I'll miss the sheer power, but this time around, I am definitely going to consider supercharging it (once I am back at work).
    • 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS
      By skiscotty · Posted
      Hi All, The map thing for the Z is a complete joke - Nissan says it will cost around $350 to provide current update.  I am advised that the procedure requires obtaining a unique ID from the head unit to be updated -- this unique code is entered into the Nissan system and the update DVD is generated specifically for that head unit only and will not work in any other head unit. Nissan provides FREE upgrades to the 2016 map version for other vehicles in their range (see Nissan Aus website) but does not offer for the z .... WTF? Maps are available from Navigation Systems Australia .. (http://www.navigationau.com/nissan.html) but are $450 for the 2019 version, $350 for 2018 etc.  I understand that Nissan partners with them to provide maps --- I suspect that the same unique code issue applies to these maps also. Maps are available for Nissan USA owners (for entire USA and Canada) for around $150 (US, I guess) SUMMARY; 1) Nissan does not care to support it's Australian 370Z owners and sees them fair game to be price gouged for map updates 2) Copying DVD for use in different head units is claimed to be impossible 3) Australian customers are being forced to pay HIGH prices for map data which is readily and cheaply available to others. eg you can buy a Tom-Tom for a couple of hundred bucks which offers lifetime free map upgrades ... and Nissan provides free upgrades for other vehicles in the range Therefore, I have all but given up on a map data update. The only way forward in my view is to hear from members in the Zclub who have successfully updated their maps and to find out how it is done given the Nissan system constraints. Alternatively, does anybody have ideas about how we could 'lobby' Nissan to provide a fairer and more economically viable map data support to their customers? Cheers
    • Convertible roof
      By Landmancpl · Posted
      Just bought an 06 ZR... same problem... look like some sort of wrap material..... replacement is $197 here in USA. LOOKS like best bet is to remove and cut a piece of matching wrap to replace it.... then apply and blow dry.    
    • 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS
      By Mud · Posted
      How'd you go with getting a map update? I'm chasing one too.
      Plenty of old threads but no one is around to lend a hand