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    • Inter club challenge
      By Prila · Posted
      Hi Zclub, I wanted to ask if the zclub wanted to be part of an inter club challenge.  The challenge is 2 events per year , one being a go kart event, and the other is a simulator event.  How do you participate? We ask for you to ask your members to come to these events for your club in order to get 2 winners for each event. Once we have your winners they will then participate in the inter club challenge.  The organisational part is taken care by us working with you to get dates time, and information out through your existing channels.  How do we kick this off, we need to catch up and have a meeting either in person or zoom depending...    Please let me know if you are keen as so far we have the Mercedes club of NSW, the Porsche club Australia , BMW and Audi clubs... looking to add the Zclub and other makes in the coming weeks...    Looking forward to your response.  Regards Ellis 
    • Cac
      By Froudie · Posted
      Hi’ Anyone know where to go to get one for 370z 2015 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Cac
      By Froudie · Posted
      Csc delete kit Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Best project car: Regular 370Z or NISMO?
      By IanzZed · Posted
      Hi Ralph Not sure how you went with getting a Z, but I 2nd Marsh's list of mods, except I would do the the brakes 1st, my 1st full track day in my Z a few years ago at Sandown, 2nd lap end of the main straight' pedal went to the floor at around 190kmh. turned in and pulled the handbrake on. (brake fluid boiled)  all ended surprisingly well. DBA4000 slotted brake rotors are a cheaper option that work well on the track and road. I had set on but now have 2 piece rotors for weight. Also use hi temp brake fluid, braided brake lines and race pads.. = $. I made brake cooling ducts, (that look remarkably like Stillens) they definitely help. Short of forced induction, 230 - 235kw with list of standard mods, CAI,Full Stillen exhaust, headers, with hi flow cats, lightweight pulleys, lightweight clutch, lightweight flywheel. Full dynotune at Revzone peaked at 235.3kw at the wheels. They said this was the most they had seen out of a N/A Zed. Have just put in  JW C2 hi lift cams and changed to E85, but can't get to the dyno due to covid. Am hoping to get around 250kw at the wheels. I can keep up or beat pretty much anyone in the corners, but get rolled on the straights by the bigger turbos and big v8's. The Zed is a lot of fun and is really easy to drift around bendy bits, is easy to control in slides and takes a lot to get out of control. (see below about traction control ) I had a half roll cage but have gone full national roll cage after seeing a few crashes that did'nt end so well..  wife was very supportive of this mod. Race seat and 6 point race harness as standard seats & belts are not so good if it all goes wrong. . if you are tracking regularly get at least a half cage, apart from the crash safety aspect it gives you a place to mount a proper race harness and stiffens the car up considerably. Keep the standard belts for daily driving and to keep legal. Engine bay gets hot, so getting heat out is useful. I have a vented hood, plus removed part of the rubber seal at the back of the engine bay that seals  engine bay and the hood. Cusco 1.5 diff with 4.08 ratio. will change back to 3.69 as 4.08 messes with the synchro match. Not sure how much you would like this diff on the road as they are not fun at slow speed. a lot of banging and clunking around town, when reversing etc. Nissan seats weigh 25kg each, so they are gone. Velo race seat and 6 pt harness. MCA Coilovers. Reds. car feels much more planted, but I didn't gain any time out of them over the eibach pro lowering springs they replaced, which worked surprisingly well. Zeds need about -3.5o front -2o rear camber and a bit of tow to corner well. I run 295 rear 265 front 18" on 11" and 10" rims with a bigger offset. A050's Medium Compound. these are a good tire. thinking of going 295 all round. my Zed is now track only, I live a long way from any track so were trailering it in any case, and the full cage makes it illegal, along with being too low, now no cats, and nothing much left inside the car. Traction control. if you are going to track your Zed, consider putting a Vdc disable switch in. When you turn off Vdc, it doesn't really go off, and lurks in the background waiting its chance to kill you when you least expect it. search this site for Vdc to tell you how to disable it completely. i have no traction control as I removed anything that was related to it after it twice decided that it should intervene at Sandown resulting in a spin and and an off track excursion that could have ended really badly, and once at PI at turn 8 at ~180kmh on a slightly damp track. I ended up in this crazy tank slapper when I did a steering correction for a bit of a slide and Vdc in its infinite wisdom applied a bit of braking which wasn't helpful, anyway, you end up fighting the vdc for control of the car. its sort of like having a crazy person with 4 brake pedals that starts applying them when the car starts to step out a bit. Since its been gone, no issues. Biggest thermostatically controlled oil cooler you can fit. Power steering cooler also. No oil cooler I was hitting 140c in winter. Now max at ~110c in summer. E85 should bring that back a bit more. things happening now Diff and transmission coolers. Diff and gearbox get quite hot and gbox gets quite crunchy after a few laps. if you cant beat them, join them.Topgun SC kit arriving late October. Looking for 600+whp. cheers Ian    
    • 2016 370z head unit replacement
      By Guest · Posted
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