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    • Steering lock failure
      By adelaidezedman · Posted
      I'm in that boat right now. How did you go??
    • Intelligent Key System steering wheel lock failure
      By adelaidezedman · Posted
      I had same today. I had it happen once before and found the hammer hit on the metal box got me going... I figured that was the last of it. I was not aware of the fuse pull once you get started. It happened again today and RAA towed to Main North Nissan. I now know about the fuse pull but it's too late. Quoted $2300 to fix. If Nissan won't cover it, I will pull it out and try and fix myself...
    • Hello!
      By ohpeter · Posted
      Hi mate,   Welcome. I run a very stock 2009 370z and have had zero problems. I think it depends on how you drive it and what you do to it. The only thing I can warn you about is the very limited rear 180deg view, e.g., behind your ears back. That said, its a sports car so kinda to be expected and you will learn to cope. Cheers.
    • PH44TT
      By ohpeter · Posted
      Greetings Jamie. Look forward to some pics of the finished product. Cheers
    • Melbourne Forced Induction workshop options
      By shadow85 · Posted
      Yea I saw that cougar motors offer for supply and install of the AAM TT kit. Seems ludacris to me, since the kit cost me around 12K-16K alone for labor because of all the modification and fab work needed.   But anyways if thats what they offer as a business thats what they have to uphold. Just wish I saw it before I did my build.