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differential rear cover cracks

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If you have the rear cover diff bushing go out on you and do not know how long its been like that replace rear diff cover. 99% guaranteed its cracked in about a dozen places. I will upload pics as soon as I find them.Screenshot_20200906-123823_Chrome.thumb.







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    • SPL Rear Hub Bushings Install
      By rovert · Posted
      Hey Folks, just did this as part of my build & uploaded it to my youTube. Hope you find it helpful. Cheers.  
    • Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build
      By rovert · Posted
      Thanks Mate, glad you liked it. I feel your pain. Shitty dollar, the whole left right thing & shipping costs, makes it tough hey.
    • Diy 370Z/370GT RHD Twin Turbo Build
      By beauz · Posted
      Loved watching your progress mate, neat looking kit and a lifetime of skills on show! If you decide to make a kit to sell in aus, i would be interested. Its so hard to find stuff for the Z34/G37.
    • service manual
      By 370Cal · Posted
      http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/370Z/Coupe/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Inter club challenge
      By Prila · Posted
      Hi Zclub, I wanted to ask if the zclub wanted to be part of an inter club challenge.  The challenge is 2 events per year , one being a go kart event, and the other is a simulator event.  How do you participate? We ask for you to ask your members to come to these events for your club in order to get 2 winners for each event. Once we have your winners they will then participate in the inter club challenge.  The organisational part is taken care by us working with you to get dates time, and information out through your existing channels.  How do we kick this off, we need to catch up and have a meeting either in person or zoom depending...    Please let me know if you are keen as so far we have the Mercedes club of NSW, the Porsche club Australia , BMW and Audi clubs... looking to add the Zclub and other makes in the coming weeks...    Looking forward to your response.  Regards Ellis