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Replaced clock spring - now steering angle sensor problem

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Hey everyone,

First of all, I am a by no means a mechanic - just a guy who loves his toy Zed - so please forgive if I use incorrect language :) Also, this is my first post to the forum so I hope I am in the right area to post this - as it is involving electronics. 

The airbag light started flashing and the horn stopped working in my '05 350Z so I recently replaced the clock spring. A bit of a job and a half for a novice but I got it done eventually. So, airbag lights fixed, horn works again - yay happy days! However, now when I drive the car down the road the VCD kicks in, rattles the brakes and eventually lights up the SLIP and VCD warning lights. After this the car is drives fine. I did some Googling and found that in the process of replacing the clock spring i may have accidentally misaligned the steering angle sensor. So, I have bought a VAG KKL cable and the NDSII software and done a steering angle reset. After this I drove the car but the same problem still happened (except that I made it about 3 times as far down the road).

My best guess at this stage is that I somehow did not mount the steering angle sensor properly to the clock spring (?) - so i will have to pull the entire thing apart again and retrace my steps. Before I get the toolbox out, does anyone have any hints and tips of where I may have gone wrong and things I can/should look into to fix the problem?

Many thanks for any tips



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Hey Paul,

Not sure if I have the answer to this but it does seem like a very peculiar sequence of events.
Was this issue happening at all (that you noticed) prior to changing the clock spring?

This may be a process whereby you may need to re-trace your steps to ensure that all connections are plugged in correctly and that nothing has accidentally disconnected or become loose behind the dash.

I hope that you are able to find some sort of solution.


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hi mate i had same problem. 0400978418. I can help you out.

And for now, as soon as you start the car, turn off VDC. So car won't do the choke.

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