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Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?

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Hi Guys,  

ive had this sound for a while . car hasnt been driven in years basically . i took all sparks out and replaced them but did find a fair amount of oil in spark/cyl 6 which i believe is just a VQ thing ill do the valve cover just trying to find the cause of the noise / issue first. . ive cleaned it all up and sound is still there. could it be a bad coil or has anyone else come into this? 




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Hey Brendon.

This does seem to have a miss-fire, which could be causes by the Coil Pack. I remember for our old 350, the Rocker Cover leaked slightly, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the coil channel. This caused the rubber seal around the Spark Plug to expand, which was enough to cause spark issues.

This is not uncommon and the best way to ensure that that is the problem, see if you can track down a good coil to test out, maybe even borrow 1 from a fellow member. If that fixes the problem, then you will know that
1) It is your coil pack and
2) that you will need to replace the rocker cover gasket on that side to stop the leak.

I hope that this helps you out!

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