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Recently purchased a 370Z have some questions

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Hi guys recently purchased a 2010 370Z absolutely love the car, but run into a couple things I need answers for. 1. The car come with a quick release steering wheel and because the wheel is not factory the vdc, slip, abs and airbag light is on. Is there anyway I can sort this out I want vdc on when normal driving? 2. Because of the issue in the first question I attempted to swap the factory steering wheel over. ( was tuning the wheels a fair bit while the car was off ) anway when I turned the car back on the power steering made a grinding noise, and feels very heavy ever since, seems to get heavy after hard driving. And my last question is the clutch, I’m not sure if it how it is but seems very fragile, for example a couple clutch kicks in 2nd gear it will just slip instead of grabbing not sure if all the clutches are weak like that. But yeah if anyone can help me out on some of this questions would be appreciated cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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1. Disconnect the battery for 30mins and try again with an oem steering wheel 2. Check power steering fluid and/or replace it 3. Just dont clutch kick it, the clutch is probably on it’s way out. This isnt an s15 brother.

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