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Buying a 370Z

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Hi all I’m 23 years old living in Melbourne, Victoria and am looking at buying my first 370z.


a few questions I have is what should I be looking for in a clean 370z is there any problems I should be looking for (looking at a 2015 with 18,000km in white automatic) as I will be using this car as a daily and in terms of insurance which is the cheapest and best for cover I will be putting it under my dads name and me as a nominated driver for cheaper rates.


Thanks for reading, happy to be joining the Nissan gang.

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Hi Tini,

From owing my 370Z and doing lots of reading they really are quite a robust and reliable car. There were issues with steering lock problems but that was in earlier models, 2009-2012 so wont effect you. Some problems with the CSC's on the manuals but again wont effect you. Your buying low k's so that's good. My two points would simply be to ensure that the car has been correctly serviced and I would recommend buying a stock standard car, one with no modifications whatsoever.

The Zeds are a great car with lots of heritage so buy one and enjoy, you wont regret it :D

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Being 20 when i got my Z. I did loose my license so that definetly doesnt help my case even now 2 years later. Insurance wise I have done the same as you and gone with APIA (yes my dad is over 50 so it helps). In terms of maintenance, the platform is quite solid. The Americans complain about alot cause they expect alot from nothing. Go into the car with an open mind and you’ll love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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