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Hey Squad, 350z owner here, haven’t got any mods on my car but hoping to pick up some tip and tricks. Thinking a custom plate would be a good place to start. Never owned one before what do they cost and would all the good combos be taken by now?

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Welcome to the Zed club mate, enjoy :D

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      By Guest · Posted
      Hello. And Bye.
    • 2009 - 2010 v20 MAPS
      By Guest · Posted
      When you go through a new creation of Kojima Productions you will definitely find that some orders and deliveries require to overcome a huge distance. To walk all the way on foot, you’ll have to spend a lot of time. Luckily, you’ll have the opportunity to find and even make a variety of vehicles in Death Stranding, that can help you do the job. Any vehicle in the game requires batteries that run out of power over time, so they need to be recharged regularly, although they will be slowly recharged in sunny or cloudy weather (unless you are in a temporary rain zone). gamexguide.com Full article https://gamexguide.com/vehicles-in-death-stranding-how-to-get-charge-and-repair/
    • Muffler delete
      By Knockout. · Posted
      I’d also like to know Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • 350z Early G37 Fuel Pump & Return Upgrade Diy
      By rovert · Posted
      Hey Folks, Just uploaded this to my Youtube Channel. Some of you may find it helpful hopefully. Cheers.
    • New Pads, New rotors, same traffic light tinnitus!
      By timjj · Posted
      So I wanted to update this post even though it never went anywhere. Might help anyone else with similar issues.
      Spoke with a Bendix rep and he sent me some lubricant to go between the pad and the calipre. Called Ceramasil.
      This stuff is great, it hasn't completely stopped the noise but reduced it by 70%. Also giving the calipers a solid clean out of dust and what not probably didn't hurt. Repco sell a tube with more than you'll probably ever need. Link below. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/greases-lubricants/lubricants/bendix-brake-lube-255g/p/A9982197

      Still though, brakes aren't silent enough. They used to make no noise. After talking to a couple people they recommended my putting some shims in between the caliper and pad. No idea why the brake pads didn't come with this or the Mechanics who did they job didn't suggest it. Anyhow, ive ordered in some from ConceptZ and when they arrive ill drop them in and report back. Link to the shims are below also.