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New Pads, New rotors, same traffic light tinnitus!

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Hey all,
Thought id hit up anyone that has had similar issues with the Z non-brembo brakes squealing under light pressure.
My brakes were perfect up until about 12 months ago when discovered the fronts needed replacement. No big deal. Replaced them myself with some soft pads, used anti-seize grease, and they were good for about 1000ks. Anyway, they started squealing again at low pressure, I couldn't work it out so I took it into a mechanic. $700 later, new Bendix pads (harder than I had), new rotors, bedded them in, same old blasted squeal at low pressure and shockingly worse in wet weather. 
The mechanics were happy to take my money and not find a solution, lucky for them they don't risk tinnitus every time I pull up at a traffic light!

Any one had similar issues and worked out what it is?
Any ideas are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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So I wanted to update this post even though it never went anywhere. Might help anyone else with similar issues.
Spoke with a Bendix rep and he sent me some lubricant to go between the pad and the calipre. Called Ceramasil.
This stuff is great, it hasn't completely stopped the noise but reduced it by 70%. Also giving the calipers a solid clean out of dust and what not probably didn't hurt. Repco sell a tube with more than you'll probably ever need. Link below.


Still though, brakes aren't silent enough. They used to make no noise. After talking to a couple people they recommended my putting some shims in between the caliper and pad. No idea why the brake pads didn't come with this or the Mechanics who did they job didn't suggest it. Anyhow, ive ordered in some from ConceptZ and when they arrive ill drop them in and report back. Link to the shims are below also.



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      Looks great, mate. Love to see how they drive. I'm stubbornly sticking with my Z33!   @matt - Looking forward to getting this forum back up to its former glory!
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      Welcome Dave!!!

      How are you finding your Nismo so far?
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      Hey Paul,

      Not sure if I have the answer to this but it does seem like a very peculiar sequence of events.
      Was this issue happening at all (that you noticed) prior to changing the clock spring?

      This may be a process whereby you may need to re-trace your steps to ensure that all connections are plugged in correctly and that nothing has accidentally disconnected or become loose behind the dash.

      I hope that you are able to find some sort of solution.

    • Unsure if bad coil / cylinder not firing?
      By ThatZeeGuy · Posted
      Hey Brendon.

      This does seem to have a miss-fire, which could be causes by the Coil Pack. I remember for our old 350, the Rocker Cover leaked slightly, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the coil channel. This caused the rubber seal around the Spark Plug to expand, which was enough to cause spark issues.

      This is not uncommon and the best way to ensure that that is the problem, see if you can track down a good coil to test out, maybe even borrow 1 from a fellow member. If that fixes the problem, then you will know that
      1) It is your coil pack and
      2) that you will need to replace the rocker cover gasket on that side to stop the leak.

      I hope that this helps you out!