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Custom y-pipe and cat combination, I need help!

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Hey guys I need some help. I bought this car second hand, it has some work done to it but I'm unsure on the details. I'm trying to get a CBE for my car so I thought I'd look underneath. I know part of the exhaust have been replaced since it got sold to the dealership. It looks like the ypipe and cat are a one piece set up? And looks nothing like the stock stuff. What is this pipe? Is it custom? I'm guessing I can only buy a y-back exhaust at this stage unless I buy a CBE and a cat. Thanks!http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5cb9a7deea9ce/YouCut_20190419_204915267.mp4 Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk

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      hahaha Gold!    
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