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Write off advice

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Hi All,

I am new to the forums so it is very nice to meet you all and apologies if I am posting in the wrong section.

Recently my 370z (2010 convertible auto) has been hit in the back and after a month of assessments and deliberations the insurance company decided it will be a write off due to high costs of repair needed for a full chassis rebuild in the rear. Now they have given me two options:

1 - Take the market value of 23k minus 1.6k of outstanding insurance payments for the period. So about 21.4k.

2 - Go through the other party's insurer, receive 23k - 3k salvage fee and keep the car. So 20k plus the car, which will not be roadworthy anymore.

Could I ask for some of your advice, especially if you faced a similar situation in the past? Is it worth keeping the car with 20k, would I be able to sell it for parts or sell it as a whole? It's in a very good condition (minus the chassis and rear damage obviously), engine has done 94k and never had any problems.


Thank you very much for your advice in advance!!!

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      hahaha Gold!    
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