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  1. Aman K.

    WTB: rear camber arms, toe arms & front camber arms.. anyone?

  2. Emily

    Coil overs installed :D

    1. Onikage_87

      Nice!! Which coilovers did you go for? :)

    2. Emily

      We got BC BR series from Just Jap Racing Kirrawee

      Sacked it on it's ass not even on the lowest setting. We had to adjust it back up, we couldn't even go over a small speed hump.

    3. Onikage_87

      Hahaha! Welcome to the low life! :D Driveways and speed bumps are our eternal arch nemisis'

  3. Nattas

    Stopped at lights with a Blue Z on Middleborough today.. I was ready to have a go but he was not interested. Shut down. :((

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    2. MZZ350

      pfftttt 'smashed the zed at the lights?' more like, i let you pass the lights cos i thought you were a show off with a tokyo drift wing ahaha

    3. Nattas

      hahaha & you married the Tokyo Drift guy!

    4. keefo43

      whats wrong with tokyo drift wings? :-)

  4. keefo43

    RIP Peter Hall who succumbed to his injuries today big loss to the Z car racing community

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    2. Majestik


    3. mikecala99


    4. Jinxed

      A sad day indeed. Condolences to his family.

  5. BGTV8

    SPL FUCA installed today, these are beeeooootiful. Next track is unfortunately a long way away as Dr has taken away race license until mid-Jan.

    1. keefo43

      Ralph sent me a photo of your arms and asked me to guess who they were for. To easy. He said they are the ducks nuts

  6. Sooz

    Can it be Saturday yet???

  7. RedZ

    Getting excited for the coast to valley cruise this weekend...Good to see the WA community growing! Anyone else in WA that's interested in coming along, just let us know in the event section. The more the merrier

    1. Jinxed

      see you there!

    2. Sooz


    3. Jinxed

      not long now...........zed cruising time!

  8. Aman K.

    can anyone recommend a decent brand for lock/lug nuts?

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    2. Aman K.

      not sure of colour yet but do they happen to be rays formula brad?

      kics have great reviews!

    3. juld0zer

      for what wheels? OEM or aftermarket? I'm using Gorilla for my OEM Rays wheels

    4. doc350z

      duralumin in red Aman...

  9. cyrus_b

    can Vic Pol give a defect for being too low (including the fine) without actually checking (using the wheel on a pole) and just doing "visual inspection)?

    1. leeb8

      yeah, they can. they have a do wot eva and get away with badge with them when it comes to modified cars.

    2. BGTV8

      If the vehicle is not too low, you need to contest the penalty notice

    3. Guest

      Sadly yes. Vic Pol seem to have a "guilty until proven innocent" policy.

  10. ugame

    Posted my video from this years Pasta Run in Non Zed Related. Enjoy :D I did lol

    1. ugame

      "off topic" section I mean :)

  11. ML370

    (VIC) Anyone with a F.I exhaust? I have a set of Carbon Fiber mufflers collecting dust. Only catch is thee are to small holes on the lowest point of the mufflers - however been patched up - unable to see when on the car- Make me a offer!! - sms 0404970070

  12. BGTV8

    F4rk, fire alarm, just gone off .. time to dust off the fire plan ....

    1. BGTV8

      Local grass fire - now extinguished ...

    2. CHZ

      Glad it's under control.

  13. lupo_nero

    Work is draining it, wanna get out of the office and drive my Z!

  14. Grey_Fox

    Cant wait to hook into the customization of FATZED!!!

  15. BGTV8

    Sitting here doing bookwork and BAS ... WoFtaM ...

    1. pez5

      me too. #&*k

  16. inf3kted

    amuse rep kit ordered awyee!! can't wait

    1. MZZ350

      how exciting!

    2. Majestik

      Who'd you (finally) go through?

    3. inf3kted

      shine auto through digital sense

  17. MZZ350

    Congrats to RUTHLESS, our 3rd consecutive black 350z as Z of the month!

  18. 3FiddyZ

    Any point tuning my Z only with DCE modification?

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Or should I just drop a K&N filter in first? Don't really want to do too many more mods that's all

    2. dat.350

      probably not unless you got some spare cash sitting around, dyno tunes end up setting you back around 1k

    1. MZZ350

      I agree!

    2. Onikage_87

  19. pez5

    Beautiful day , sunny , twisties , 120kph and my cap got blown off. Bugga

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    2. pez5

      I'd like to report a missing cap

    3. badthing

      what cap was it?

    4. pez5

      lucky it wasn't my fave. But the car did throw a CEL!!

      C000Z Cap exceeding CD parameter !!!

  20. ML370

    I've been missing my Z lately hmmmmm

    1. Majestik

      Ah HA!

    2. Majestik

      Buy Tao's TT one!!

  21. axu350


    1. RedZ

      A set of 18" OEM 370 wheels just went up for sale in the marketplace..have a look mate