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  1. Jinxed

    perth cruise for next year being organised......

    1. Jinxed

      see coming events!

  2. pez5

    Hey guys does any one have any spare HKS Traction Fluid for the GT Super Charger laying around

  3. pez5

    Merry Christmas Zedsters, have good day.

  4. REEP3R

    getting a defect few days before xmas....damn

    1. dat.350

      what they get you for?

    2. dat.350

      all good, just read your thread

  5. Guest » Guest

    OK, so let's not do THAT again! I think I've gotten all the important stuff back but, if you notice anything wrong or out of the ordinary, please post in the Zclub Feedback forum.

  6. Guest » Guest

    We're back, but a little crippled. Mostly, sidebar content has been disabled until I figure out the problem.

  7. reldas

    And my tuning begins, tomorrow!!

  8. Guest » Guest

    Web hosts have advised of emergency maintenance tonight at 11pm, Melbourne time. There may be intermittent outages for an hour or so.

  9. Emily

    Picked up our new rear wing we've been waiting for. She's a big beauty. Going to enhance her new wide ass. :)

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Sweet. Post a link with a pic once done :)

    2. Emily

      New spoiler won't be put on until March next year when body work is complete :)

    3. MZZ350

      ooooo new kitchen table!

  10. Guest » Guest

    Apologies to all those waiting on member packs all this time - they've all been sent out today.

    1. lupo_nero

      all good korvan! been looking forward to receiving it! was also wondering whether we could get extra stickers sent out of for our zclub meet coming up! no one has responded to me about this so far =(

    2. Majestik

      Each pack has a complimentary 1st edition Zclub calendar to thank you for your patience!

    3. Sooz

      Mine arrived this morning! Thank you kindly :D

  11. Koll

    Hey Guys, East Coast Customs (Brisbane) christmas special... UPREV reflash/tune $660... Im booked in :)

    1. dat.350

      thats pretty cheap

    2. 81gSKy

      That's where I got my tune from

  12. tubz05

    sick and tired of not working.

  13. RedZ

    Fast and Furious movies will never be the same :(

  14. reldas

    RIP Paul Walker, loved your movies :(

  15. cyrus_b

    is anyone going to the estblshd:rebuild meet on saturday 1/12? http://www.estblshd.com.au/car-clubs-of-melbourne-unite-rebuild/

  16. inf3kted

    anyone purchase from z1motorsports before?

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    2. badthing


    3. inf3kted


    4. TyJ

      +1 Not often these day you get a follow up message from a company to make sure everything was good.

  17. cyrus_b

    can anyone recommend a mechanic to get a roadworthy done near Mentone?

    1. Nattas

      Oh excellent, I will go! oh I actually I can't. I'm in Melb.

  18. tubz05

    Just got my new exhaust delivered to my door. If anyone wants stuff at great prices contact Paul from STT(forum sponsor). couldnt be happier

    1. doc350z

      cheap...looks like I have an interstate buyer for my 2011 in high 30's...tough market out there atm

    2. Majestik

      Yay more Zclub members!

  19. Guest » Guest

    Please welcome our newest sponsor, Sydney-based Tunehouse. Details in Tunehouse's new, dedicated forum - http://zclub.com.au/forums/index.php?/forum/139-tunehouse/

    1. Onikage_87

      Awesome news!!

    2. MZZ350

      hell yeah!!

  20. Guest » Guest

    Got some spare coin? Why not donate to my Movember efforts? http://leh.mn/DMoBro