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  1. 3FiddyZ

    Back from Great Ocean Road. Awesome trip!

    1. Mo

      Little bit jelly

    2. badthing

      One day... I'll do the whole stretch in the Z :)

  2. Mo

    Anyone know of any Uprev tuners in Adelaide?

  3. Onikage_87

    Dark day for Z's in NSW. 2 Z's damaged in 1 evening.

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    2. badthing

      hope you get it fixed soon!

    3. Jon370z

      Hope no one was hurt in the accident & your back to 100% soon mate.

    4. Mo

      Sucks man, hope it all comes good soon

  4. RedZ

    Feeling accomplished. HFC diy DONE!

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    2. RedZ

      A lift at your house = what dreams are made of!

    3. reldas

      concrete has been laid at my house for a lift!!. ill purchase in the next year hopefully.

    4. RedZ

      Living the dream!!

  5. Guest » Guest

    Congrats to the newest member of the Zclub staff, Roddy(aka Zipper). His promotion to mdoerator is great recognition of his contribution to the Club.

    1. lupo_nero

      congrats zipper!!

  6. badthing

    Considering selling the Amuse R1 Titan exhaust. EOI welcome. PM me.

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      SO DAMN LOUD! Ha Love it though

    3. TARA

      Oh dear. Can't have that now can we! Ha.

    4. badthing

      Sold! :)

  7. 3FiddyZ

    Side skirt testers have sucked me in. I want them in Carbon Fibre please!!

  8. lupo_nero

    VIC Members! Just a reminder that we have our first meet for the year next week on 1st April at Groove Train in Mill Park!! Come along and share your ideas for Zclub 2014!!

  9. 3FiddyZ

    Late notice SA ZClub Cruise - See "Events" people :)

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Route has now been updated

  10. Guest » Guest

    *sniff* no more Zed for me for a while - was a little sad to see her go

    1. 3FiddyZ

      :( I had withdrawal symptoms after just a week in Sydney!! Ha
  11. 3FiddyZ

    So, I'm driving the 3fiddy to Melbs on the 29th March, staying a couple of nights in St Kilda then coming back to Adelaide via Great Ocean road. I know I've missed the ZClub cruise "event" which is planned for this week unfortunately, but if anyone is keen for a drive down to Loch on the 31st let me know Leaving St Kilda we will more than likely drive down to Loch the first night, then cruising through to Lorne for another night, followed by Port Fairy for final night......

    1. Majestik

      I've got such a hectic schedule to won't know my availabilities until closer to the date. It'll be great to meet in person though so let's play it by ear?

    2. 3FiddyZ

      Sounds good Ronnie, just thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone is keen. Be great to meet you too mate

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    2. MZZ350

      you have made the right choice

    3. Mo

      Damn, defeated already :)

    4. MZZ350

      You are still giving Mr Vestito a run for his money!! $$$$

  12. BGTV8

    Back on line after successfull surgery .. another week cooling heels at home and them bacl to work. MotorSport resumes at VSCRC2 in May.

    1. Mo

      Glad you're ok mate

    2. Pierre

      Good news:)

  13. lupo_nero

    Looking forward to Victoria's Great Ocean Road Cruise on Sunday 23rd March!! Get on it guys!

  14. Mo

    Is there any point to just upgrading the cats on the Z's exhaust?

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    2. Mo

      Thanks Jay, I'll probably just get some Berk HFC's for now.

    3. Mo

      Does anyone know where I can buy Berk or stillen HFCS from?

    4. Mo

      Ended up purchasing some Fast Intentions HFC's direct from the US. Should I try installing them myself? I hear it's difficult.

  15. BGTV8

    Into hospital tomorrow for some surgery to repair consequence of 2011 laparotomy. Be out of action for a week. Be back online in a weeks time.

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    2. Jon370z

      Good luck with the recovery.

    3. Mo

      All the best mate

    4. CHZ

      Take care Robin

  16. Mo

    Being a complete dumbass, I accidentally put 95 in the 370z instead of 98. What should I do about it?

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    2. Jay89

      I fill 98 always but I thought that the car was tuned for 95 from the factory?

    3. Gazza Wood

      You can run on 95 but 98 gives

      you more power & better mileage.... 95 won't damage anything.....

    4. issey.miyake

      It'll be fine - if you're really worried just don't fang it hard and run it until its empty.

    1. Mo

      Feels "Nismoed"

    2. 3FiddyZ

      Can't wait to come to Sydney and see her!

    3. MZZ350

      so many neck snaps!

  17. 3FiddyZ

    Looking forward to the All Japan Day this weekend!

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    2. Mo

      Importer: http://www.ironchefimports.com/

      Was gonna buy a V36 prior to buying the Z

    3. Mo

      Paypal receipt was from a Kristian Appelt. Same guy who owns Iron Chef. Adelaide is too small :)

  18. Mo

    WORK Kiwami MBL wheels (and tyres). Where can I purchase these from in Aus?

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    2. Mo

      Yeah I'm trying to buy Roy's :D I'd rather buy from a zclub member

    3. Mo

      JDM concept don't do wheels and tyres. Don't particularly want to buy the wheels, ship them to a tyre shop and get tyres fitted. Anywhere else sell them as a wheel and tyre package?

    4. RedZ

      Probably not mate, as I'm pretty sure JDM concept is the official distributor of Work in Australia. If you're looking for a whole package, you're best bet would be to go for Roy's set if he's willing to ship them.

  19. Mo

    Where do you buy CAI's from? Takeda or Stillen?

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    2. Mo

      Thanks guys. I'll get the Takedas! The modding bug has bitten hard.

    3. Mo

      benamon - did you get the short or long ones

    4. benamon

      I got the short ones, didnt want the intakes out in the weather. Another reason I got the Takedas was they are a dry filter, so no chance of oil messing up the air flow meters.

  20. Aman K.

    Can anyone recommend some Springs brands?

    1. inf3kted


    2. issey.miyake

      +1 for swift

      or eibach if you dont want to go that low

    3. 3FiddyZ

      I just went King Springs on mine...

  21. 3FiddyZ

    Wants to buy a Tag Heuer.....

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    2. issey.miyake

      link below - but well over $1k - second hand Tags maybe if you stretch abit more.

      Look at Hamilton Watches - they are automatic and under $1k.

      Couldn't see the pic you linked sorry.


    3. 3FiddyZ

      Very nice, I can't find anywhere that sell the Hamilton watches in Australia, had already been recommended them, they are a classic look. Any idea if anyone stocks them locally?

    4. issey.miyake

      no idea if anyone does locally but have seen them when overseas - very nice watch for what you pay!