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  1. lupo_nero

    Victoria members! We have a Go-Karting event in Moorabin this Saturday (10th May) at 11am in Moorabin! Check the events thread, all are welcome!

  2. MIS55Z

    The wait.....

  3. Mo

    Hmm, BERK, Invidia and Agency Power CBE's seem readily available in Australia. Are they any good? Or is it worth paying double (or triple) for Motordyne, FI and Armytrix?

  4. 3FiddyZ

    Few more mods are in the post :D

  5. ugame

    Hey zclubers. How you doin? Just popped in to see how the forum is going. Hope all is well.

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    2. aaronjo

      Come back Darren...

    3. sushiboi

      Okay you twisted my arm. Time to start looking =D How's your Zed going Aaron? Anything new?

    4. aaronjo

      Gosh! Can't remember when you saw it last...

      Currently got stripped interior, GT wing, single pipe Titanium zorst plus what it had before...I think....might have missed a bit...

  6. RedZ

    Do any of my fellow WA members own a set of spring compressors that they would so graciously let me use this coming weekend? I will forever be in your dept.

    1. aaronjo

      More low?

    2. RedZ

      More low yes ;)

  7. Mo

    Hey guys, what is the going rate for a Motordyne exhaust for the 370? Are there any local suppliers?

    1. badthing

    2. Mo

      Swore I searched the forum. Thanks badthing!

    3. badthing

      No probs. We're all here to share and help. At least you use the search function :)

  8. 3FiddyZ

    Any idea of a local distributer that imports Veilside? Looking for a lip

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      Fitment is my main worry though - hmmm. Worth the gamble? Guess I need to decide

    3. dat.350

      The fitment is not 100% but it still fitted quite well, little bit gap around the bends of the bumper but then again, it was fitted DIY rather than a panel beater

    4. 3FiddyZ

      As long as it at least a decent fit I'm happy, I'll prob take to a panel beater for spray and install

  9. Mo

    Looking into FI/supercharging options for the 370. Are there any turn-key suppliers in Australia? Or is it better to do an engine transplant with a wrecked R35?

    1. BGTV8

      Putting a GTR engine into a Z34 is going to be a lot of pain. FI/Supercharging is all based on US kits - Stillen, GTM, Fast Intentions and there are others.

      Talk to Revzone in Ringwood (Vic) and maybe Croydon in Syd.

      U could also search the forum more widely or use google - search "the370z.com FI build" and you;ll get most of the US-threads. Google zclub.com.au FI build for this forum

    2. Mo

      Thanks for the information BGTV8.

      I just found a Revzone ad on ebay, 11k for twin turbo.

      Yeah I noticed they are all US as well, I'm surprised the JDM kits are light on the ground.

    3. 3FiddyZ


  10. pez5

    Just went for a noodle around Peats Ridge, Mangrove and Yarramalong. Sun out , top down , crackling popping. Grinning

    1. Gho65t

      Should connected up today for a double top down cruise through the valleys of pleasure. Date of the cruise has changed to Sun 25 May...

  11. Gho65t

    Just took Mrs HZ to our lunch venue via the cruise as planned...she who must be obeyed, loved the ride, food, venue and ride home.

  12. Emily

    Windows down, heated seats on. That sunset air.

    1. badthing

      I love the bum burners but only use the Low setting as High is way too toasty for me :P

    2. Emily

      Same! Eases the morning after gym too! Haha

  13. 3FiddyZ

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with TL Performance? Thinking about getting a shine auto front bar from them......

    1. badthing

      Do they have a website?

    2. 3FiddyZ

      Yes, they do. I am more so after a review from anyone who has ordered from them. Ie whether they had a good experience and if they are reliable etc. I've heard of people having bad experiences in the past, couldn't remember if TL performance were one of those with a bad review ;)

  14. 3FiddyZ

    Who else has the Nismo V2 front? Thinking about joining the club, kevlar lip (twill) with canards. Good idea?

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      I was hoping to although I'm still waiting for a reply from anyone associated with Shine auto about shipping cost :/

      Yes or no to canards? I'm thinking no

    3. Koll

      Its personal preference I guess, canards look more aggressive, without looks cleaner, I went without. Got mine through daniel@digitalsense.com.au he is listed as a distributor on the shine website.

    4. 3FiddyZ

      Does anyone have any feedback on having dealt with TL Performance?

  15. lupo_nero

    For everybody in Victoria, make sure you head down to Garage Cafe at around 7pm on Thursday (17th April)! We will be meeting up with members from V-Series Victoria for a coffee, chat and pics! Later on there is also a cruise being held by the GT Car Club, cruising from Springvale Bunnings to the Docklands! All are welcome!

  16. BOTrahman

    Cant wait for my car finish $@&!?$@$

    1. badthing

      me too

  17. badthing

    Always good to have a pie & chat with fellow Zclub members :)

    1. pez5

      yup , Chicken and corn pie. MMMMM

    2. badthing

      Lamb honey rosemary pie~

    3. 3FiddyZ

      I'll take a potato pie (with sauce)

  18. 3FiddyZ

    K&N Air Filter Ordered for my 3fiddy. Shiz just got serious! Ha.

  19. threefiddy03

    Selling the beast! Spread the word fellow z members. Looking for the next enthusiast to take over

  20. mrad86

    Do we get decals sent out to us when we join the club??

    1. badthing

      Yes, you receive decals and more. Go to the following link to become a Premium Member.

  21. cyrus_b

    looking for a recommendation on a good car tint place in sydney?

    1. harry370z

      carbon car systems

  22. brendontharp

    Sooo, i lost my camera last night( someone took it from where i left it, stupid of me for leaving it where i did), so if anyone knows anyone selling a Canon 500D with a 18 - 55 lens on it can you please let me know as i would like it back.. In the mean time can every go to the link and vote for the image from every device possible as well as sharing the link around. if i win ill be putting the money towards another camera http://www.lmpa.brisbane.qld.gov.au/view-under

    1. badthing

      I hope you get it back. I just voted for your image. Good luck!

  23. Mo

    Guys, best place for tyres in Adelaide? I know there's lots of places online, but have no capability to transport tyres anywhere now that the Z is my only car.

    1. BGTV8

      Try Mark Povey @ SA MotorSport Tyres - he can do Hankook daily driver as well as motorsport tyres

    2. Shimmy

      i got my last set at adelaide motorsport tyres on magill rd. good quality work, great alignment, good prices on hankook (i got z221s).

      also, you should be able to squeeze a set of tyres in, i have in my 350gt, its only a fraction bigger - oh hold on, is it that massive strut tower brace that gets in the way?.. :/