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  1. BGTV8

    Competed in the Vic 6-Hour Relay @ Pilip Island - what a blast ....

  2. BGTV8

    Multiple ZClub members running at Philip Island in the 6-Hour Resaly this weeked. Practise on Sat, race starts @ 10am Sunday and finishes @ 4pm.

  3. Majestik

    Any Zclubbers heading to Motorex Melbourne over this weekend?

  4. BGTV8

    Well, Round 3 of VSCRC this weekend - another attempt top go motor racing - but if it is wet, I am off to the pub !!

    1. BGTV8

      So, event ended early ... driveline noise, diff and gearbox out for teardown and inspection ... Oh - the joys of motorsport ..

  5. Onikage_87

    Instagram users be sure to follow @zclubaustralia !!! :)

    1. 3FiddyZ


  6. RedZ

    Had my first twin turbo supra experience today. Makes want to boost the 370 so badly!

    1. 3FiddyZ

      DO IIIIIT!

  7. inf3kted

    So... anyone else play Diablo?

  8. dat.350

    Northside Meet today @Essendon Fields 8:30pm tonight - Holden + Ford vs JDM + Euro

  9. pez5

    Is some one on this forum looking at new 350Z leather seat covers from Leatherseats.com ?

    1. aeroz

      yes i am. they are sending me some sample colours

  10. sushiboi

    I sold the 350 over a year ago and after being MIA.. I have just put a deposit down on a 370! IM BACK BABY!!

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    2. badthing

      welcome back :)

    3. Jinxed

      hurrah....well done mate.....looking foirwar to seeing your new ride.

      when can you take delivery of it.........?

    4. sushiboi

      It's coming from NSW so itll be a few weeks. Will keep you posted

  11. Gho65t

    Massive day at our inaugural cruise...we expected 12 cars, but 9 arrived and 13 ate lunch...Scathing has more photos yet to post...

  12. Aman K.

    After recommendation of a good body shop to work on my fenders (flare or custom).

    1. Grey_Fox

      Most people in Melbourne go to Zoom Garage. They are also a sponsor for Zclub.

  13. MZZ350

    Vote for our June FB cover photo!

  14. pez5

    RIP Sir Jack

  15. 3FiddyZ

    Attaching eyelids, is double sided tape a safe option? I'm referring to the fibreglass type

    1. Grey_Fox

      I used double sided tape on our old 350 and stuck like shit to a blanket. I used the thin 3m tape.

    2. Grey_Fox

      Id recommend cleaning bith the eyelid and headlight with wax and grease remover before the install.

    3. 3FiddyZ

      Yeah cheers, thought it would be the way to go, need to get them sprayed first!

  16. BGTV8

    Vic State Championship Motor Racing @ Sandown this weekend. Race car on the trailer and ready to go !!!!

    1. pez5

      good luck, good traction, good cornering, good braking and a chequered flag.

    2. lupo_nero

      good luck man!!

    3. BGTV8

      PITA - pulled a ball-joint out the lower suspension arm on 4th lap of quali (on pole too) and had to put the car on the trailer ...

  17. Grey_Fox

    New pics for FATZED updated in my gallery. Time for the widebody to begin!!!

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    2. Grey_Fox

      Thanks 3FiddyZ. Wanted something unique and a little different.

    3. Aman K.

      Are you going to flare the OEM fenders or custom fenders?

    4. Grey_Fox

      They will be custom Aman K but moulded from the standard guards.

  18. Jinxed

    Perth people, Whoop ass wednesday drag racing 14/5/2014....bunch of zeds going down, why not join us?

  19. Mo

    Anyone got a Topspeed Pro 1 exhaust?

  20. BOTrahman

    my baby back to the street LOL

    1. badthing


    2. Christian Fazzari

      your 370 is sex on wheels man

  21. dat.350

    Melbourne Car Meets today @12pm - Carribean market