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  1. 3FiddyZ

    SA Zclub cruise tomorrow, hit me up, or visit the events section. Hope to see you all there

  2. FLY_16

    Can't wait to put my FLY16 plates on my baby

  3. CHZ

    FS: Brand new Berk HFCs for 370z/G370. See Car Parts For Sale section for details.

  4. 3FiddyZ

    Do we have a window tinting sponsor? (SA)

  5. RedZ

    Very sad, but my pride and joy is up for grabs, hope to see her in a good home! http://zclub.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/7797-redz-is-for-sale-2010-370z/#entry101452

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    2. RedZ

      its true!

    3. Jinxed

      awesome car, good luck with the sale Q

    4. RedZ

      Big price drop!!

  6. RedZ

    Looking for an aggressive exhaust combo, look no further:

  7. 3FiddyZ

    What do I get when I reach 1 thousand posts?

    1. Majestik

      A hug

    2. Onikage_87

      And a cookie!

    3. MZZ350

      a 370z

  8. BraveAwakening

    Best part of my day is driving home... I go the long way.

  9. BGTV8

    What a ripper weekend ... 1m42s at PI in the race car. Happy Camper !!

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Personal Best?

    2. BGTV8

      Nope, I held the Sports Car lap record at PI back in 1992 with a 1m41.7 but it is close !!

  10. pez5

    Can't open the sunset M & G Thread!!!!

    1. MZZ350

      Hey Pez, here at the details u need to know

      Date & Time: 25/10/2014 18:00

      Location: The Strip, Olympic Boulevard Olympic Park. Coordinates:

      33°50'48.4"S 151°03'56.9"E

    2. pez5

      Ta,should be good for this

  11. Onikage_87

    Can't seem to post thread event but we have an upcoming event in OCT. 25 https://www.facebook.com/events/1602473843313540/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

    1. MZZ350


  12. BGTV8

    Off to PI on Saturday to test prior to VSCRC Round 4 on 4/5 Oct. Hopefully driveline vibration is gone !!

    1. keefo43

      good luck and good driving

    2. CHZ

      Good luck Robin.

    3. BGTV8

      What a day - did a low 1m 43s but a binding front sway bar, so that needs to be fixed, and the oil line from the dry sump tank to the oil pump has sprung a slow leak so that needs to be fixed before the car goes onto the trailer on Friday. Lots to do !!!

  13. aaronjo

    Zed's dropped off at the shop for a new heart, hoping for nice numbers...

  14. RedZ

    Stock 370 zorst going in the bin this weekend, if anyone is interested, let me know!

    1. aaronjo


      What did you get?

    2. RedZ

      Mr Aaron! I've always had an X-Force CBE, but recently bought a resonated muffler delete to replace the X-Force muffler (ill end up with X-force mid pipe, and resonated muffler delete). Just need to make some space in the shed for all the old parts I have laying around, so getting rid of the stock zorst I took off like 2 years ago :D

  15. Mo

    Anyone know where I can get Swift Spec-R lowering sport springs for a 370z in Aus?

    1. badthing

      Check with our forum sponsors. I've had good experience with Paul from Street to Track.

    2. Jay89

      I bought mine from Paul. He doesn't hold any inventory though so you will still essentially be importing them from the States.

    3. Mo

      Thanks guys. A little worried about lowering with the state of SA roads but I'm told the Swift springs are a good compromise for the road.

  16. Jinxed

    putting a cruise together for all the perthites out there.....check coming evnts and come along.....

  17. reldas

    contact shamrock spares for nissan parts, tell them Ben sent you and get great deals ( Sydney only)

    1. badthing

      any parts? new or used?

    2. Onikage_87

      Ok thanks for the heads up Ben! :)

  18. JFyfe

    Wish my Evo would sell already so I can jump into a Z as soon as possible!

  19. Grey_Fox

    Looking forward to FATZED getting tuned and putting down some numbers!!