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  1. zedzed

    Can't wait to drive zed again this friday

  2. 350z_tina

    [QLD] Jap Nats is on this Saturday for any zeds who would like to enter with us. Please see event page with all details

  3. badthing

    Anyone interested for an early morning drive up Old Pac this Sunday 10th May?

  4. pez5

    Heading down to Repco . 30% off store wide with NRMA card

    1. pez5

      This WE.

  5. zedzed

    Seibon nsm carbon fibre spoiler on its way :)

    1. mikecala99

      Seibon is good

    2. zedzed

      Thanks Mike :) its going to be painted to match the car, so won't be "carbon" as such

  6. Aman K.

    WTB: 350Z True Style coilovers. Thanks.

    1. Tiu

      We are running MCA on our 350Z which is a true style coilover design for the rear.

  7. craftysdc

    Has anyone got a rear strut brace cover with the Z for a 350z laying around?

  8. badthing

    Clutch pedal stuck + burnt clutch smell. It looks like my CSC is on its way out :(

  9. dat.350

    Anyone have stock airbox & cats sitting around?

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    2. dat.350


    3. Tiu

      which state you in?

    4. dat.350

      VIC @Tiu

  10. Gazza Wood

    A couple of Zeds will be meeting up at Harry's Diner next Thursday 9th April at 7.30 pm. Would be good to get more Zeds involved..if you are interested please let me know the more, the merrier guys.. Thanks Gary..

  11. badthing

    Happy Easter Long Weekend everyone! Drive safe! :)

  12. craftysdc

    Added ACT meet for the 20/3

  13. aeroz

    Added QLD cruise to the events section for this weekend.

  14. Aman K.

    Jap plates are coming to vicroads! hapinessss :)

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    2. 3FiddyZ


    3. BlackStain

      Oh cool do they have a date when they will be released?

    4. Aman K.

      So far just votes on which particular style. No idea on release dates :(

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      Free ride

    3. Mo

      *drops pants*

    4. 3FiddyZ


  15. lupo_nero

    VIC ZClub Cruise Sunday 22nd Feb!! Check it out guys!

  16. Gazza Wood

    anyone in Brisbane up for a cruise in the next month?

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    2. aeroz

      Hi Gaz, I will see if I can find some more people that are keen, a lot of old owners have sold their zeds.

    3. Gazza Wood

      Yes - I noticed that last night - a lot of the guys I knew haven't been on the site for at least 18 months so I can only assume they have moved on... I did however "friend" some newer ones around Brisbane that have logged on since Xmas... Will have to wait and see if I get some replies... Really quiet on this site though...!!

    4. aeroz

      Hey Gaz I found out a few guys had planned a cruise for this weekend, not sure if it is too short notice for you. I started a thread in events.

  17. 3FiddyZ

    SA Zclub Cruise this Sunday 15th...

    1. 3FiddyZ

      Postponed due to heat

  18. Tiu

    ARMYTRIX exhaust system is now available for 370Z!!

  19. BGTV8

    No-one back from Xmas yet, been awfully quiet on the forum

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    2. 3FiddyZ

      I've been around but yeah seems a bit dead!

    3. badthing


    4. Onikage_87

      People are using the fb group page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1446998258847149/

      as they are more familiar with fb than navigating our forums.

  20. craftysdc

    HID headlights, Shorts shifter kit, drive belts, new rubber, and fuelo money. Not a bad effort this christmas

    1. 3FiddyZ


    2. badthing

      Good work!

  21. 3FiddyZ

    Someone buy me an RWB 911.

  22. BGTV8

    Booked into Events O'Neill Sandowns Drive Day on 18th Dec. Time to give the car a spanking again !!

    1. keefo43

      time to bust out a PB.

    2. BGTV8

      Yep, 1:26.9 but clutch is now slipping. PITA

  23. reldas

    Z1 motorsports sale on today, sigh i couldnt help myself

    1. badthing

      what did you get?

    2. reldas

      whiteline bushings, redline diff fluid and nismo diff cover for like $230

    3. badthing