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  1. Gho65t Pilot

    It’s great to be finally back in this forum. Unfortunately couldn’t log in with my previous title of Gho65t as I’ve changed my email address that the system won’t recognise.

    Anyways, nice to see Badthing still lurking in here too.... 😏

  2. ugame

    Hey hey hey. Who's still around from when I was around?  

    1. ThatZeeGuy

      You're still alive buddy?! :)

    2. ugame

      haha yep. Been through 3 Alfa Romeos and now cruising in a Porsche Cayman S 987.1. Well....it sits in the garage looking pretty while I cruise in a 07 Civic sedan most days lol...but when the sun comes out...... :D But yes still alive.

  3. kraazed

    Things I like doing when I drive my Z

    1) Snapping 2nd from the rev limiter in first.
    2) Snapping 3rd.

  4. ThatZeeGuy

    Who would be interested in Official Zclub T-Shirts?

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    2. Hossy

      I'd like to see one.

    3. Jedi2901

      yes please!

    4. Mud

      As long as it's not black, yes


  5. BlackStain

    Hey guys! 

    Anyone know if either Dandenong or Berwick Nissan will be open tomorrow (good Friday)??? 

  6. Mo

    Looking for black headlights to suit 370z. Anyone have a set they'd like to part with?

    1. actv8d

      i mod headlights if u are interested

    2. Mo

      Good to know man. However I can't be without a set :(

  7. 3FiddyZ

    Anyone selling or know anyone that is selling a Z30?

  8. badthing

    Happy Back To The Future Day!! :)

  9. BGTV8

    Off to Philip Island with race car for last round of Vic State Circuit Racing championships. Only Sandown Historics and Sports/GT at PI with the V8Supercar circus in Nov and that is it for another year.

  10. Gazza Wood

    Hi - I'm looking at getting some 20 x 12" rear rims for my zed with 345mm tyres - 20 x 10" at the front..?

    Anyone else on the site here gone as big as the 12" ? I am interested in any feedback at all? Positive or Negative?


    1. asianRobert

      I have heard of 18x12" but not 20x12"...any reason why you want 12"? I personally wouldnt get 12" unless you plan on getting coilovers and camber arms

    2. Gazza Wood

      I have 20 x 11" rims fitted at the moment with 305 tyres - I just want a meaner look.

      The Zeds have a Tough looking Phat Arse end anyway so I'm just looking to enhance

      that look.... I'm not interested in a more aggressive camber as i feel the stock camber

      is more than enough anyway...

      Thanks for your input though - much appreciated..


  11. Gazza Wood

    Take a look at this link...  http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1100166_german-sports-car-startup-halcn-unveils-falcarto-at-frankfurt-auto-show-video

    If you think this car's side profile looks like a 370Z - you would be right..!!! read the article - the 370Z was the donor car....!!

    Enjoy fellow Zed lovers...

    1. ThatZeeGuy

      Nice find Gazza!

    2. Gazza Wood

      I just added another one Ronnie...

      It's amazing what lengths some people will go to...Lol..

  12. CHZ

    Does anyone know what happen to the Member's gallery?  I no long can manage my own galleries.

    1. badthing

      Try going to your profile and clicking on the Albums Tab below the right-hand side of the profile banner.

    2. ThatZeeGuy

      I've PMd you CHZ. Please let me know how you go.

    3. CHZ

      Thanks all!  Not sure why I couldn't find the Album the other day.


      By the way, it appears I no long can manage who can view the photos.

  13. 3FiddyZ

    That Carbon Fibre home screen. mmmm

    1. badthing

      Carbon Fibre~

  14. ThatZeeGuy

    Hi Zclubbers.  You can change your themes via the Theme selection at the bottom left of the page.  You can also change the background via the Paint brush icon at the top right of the page.  We will be changing the backgrounds to suit the Zclub feel over the next day or two.  Enjoy!

    1. ugame

      Looking good man.

  15. ThatZeeGuy

    Hi Zclubbers!  The forum upgrade for Zclub Australia is now complete. Please bear with us over the next few days whilst we reinstate the skins, status updates etc. Please feel free to post comments in the section Forum Update Feedback at www.zclub.com.au


  16. BGTV8

    Philip Island 6-hour relay this Sat/Sun. I am running in Team 6 and there are a couple of other Zed's as well

    1. CHZ

      Is it free entry Robin?

  17. Mo

    Are there any single-turbo 370z kits available in Australia yet?

    1. ThatZeeGuy

      BOO BACK!

  18. 350z_tina

    QLD Zeds!!! QLD zed photoshoot is happening Sunday August 23rd! Please see the event for the details!

  19. BGTV8

    Great weekend at Sandown for Vic State Champs - win and 2 seconds in MG/All British and 6tn On Open Sports cars (beaten by F458 GT3, A Daytona Coupe, R8 LMS Ultra and 2 MY13 911 GT3 Cup S, all with PB of 1:16.4 and promise of 15's to come. A great weekend

  20. Jinxed

    New Cruise and BBQ event for Perth zedders! - see coming events for all the details

  21. badthing

    We're going for an early morning drive this Sunday 28th June. Let me know if interested.