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  1. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z clutch?   

    Contact your local clutch specialist
    If you need to replace the flywheel that will really hurt - aftermarket flywheels are cheaper but also make unpleasant noise
  2. MartinZ added a post in a topic Belt & pulleys   

    It's more likely the squeak is coming from the idler/tensioner bearing which needs to be replaced 
  3. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    You spend $6k with a mechanic who has not fixed he problem and not read the ECU codes ???  He's clearly hopeless...
    You're now worried about a $300 ECU diagnosis (which should have been done much earlier) ???
    You post asking for ideas without telling us what remedial attempts have already been done to date ???
    White smoke is normally coolant being burnt (things like blown head gasket or even cracked head).
    If you can smell oil it's either being burnt and going out the exhaust or the engine is wet with oil evaporating due to heat.
    Burning oil will kill the cat's and they are likely to clog causing a loos of power at the very least
    I doubt the solution will be found on the internet - best to take it to a decent service centre 
  4. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    These things generally can't be diagnosed over the internet - at a minimum you need to connect to the ECU to check for errors - then full diagnosis procedure
  5. MartinZ added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Not unless you want to run an aggressive track wheel alignment (which would ruin the tyres on the street)
  6. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    Certainly sounds like MAF getting contaminated
    Does the CAI use oil in the filter element?  That's not good for the MAF
    Clean the filter element and run it without oil for a month - otherwise revert back to stock air box 
  7. MartinZ added a post in a topic 370z is dropping cyliders intermittently   

    Oil on the coil packs is common(ish) - can require new rocker covers
  8. MartinZ added a post in a topic remote programing problem   

    I don't think you need to remove & insert the key 6 times - just turn the ignition off/on 6 times
    These old procedures are often frustrating to get right
  9. MartinZ added a post in a topic Swaybars or coilovers   

    Keep the stock sway bars in case you do upgrade to MCA blue - gives you tuning options
    The MCA blue have much higher spring rates (especially at the front) so it's a performance over comfort proposal
    You stock shocks are probably rather tired by now so new shocks should be on the horizon
    I would not lower the Z as you do end up scraping in many simple situations (frustrating), it's a pretty low car anyway 
  10. MartinZ added a post in a topic Sprint Booster   

    These are snake oil designed to empty consumer wallets into the wallet of the creator
    All it does is remap the throttle pedal - absolutely no change to engine performance 
    For example, 50% throttle could become 75% throttle making the driver think the car is more responsive
    But if you simply used more throttle manually you would get the same result for free
  11. MartinZ added a post in a topic Offset for Wheels to clear Brembos   

    There are many many many wheel fitment threads - please use search
    That's the wrong way around - larger offsets are good (more likely to clear the calipers) - lower offsets are where you can get into trouble
    However offset alone does not guarantee wheels will fit over the brembo calipers - the shape and profile of the spokes is important to clear the calipers
  12. MartinZ added a post in a topic Suggestions to do up my Z   

    You need to work out what your objectives are, cosmetic or performance, and what sort of budget you want to allocate (remember it's mostly money down the drain, but as long as you enjoy the outcome it's all good).
    Things like coil overs are only "needed" for track work or lowering the car - I never recommend lowering Z's because it's a pain scraping on driveways all the time (and the wheel stop in shopping center car parks), the Z is already low.
    Type "350Z images" into google - that will give you many images of what others have done, find something that appeals to you.
  13. MartinZ added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    Great idea giving those Christmas presents - meaningful life education and experience
  14. MartinZ added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    There certainly is a lot of aggro out there, many people from Sydney retire to the central coast so I'm sure they will have infected that area.
    With transit times getting longer people have shorter tempers.  
    I can see three big offenders:
    1) The people in a hurry and think their need to get from A to B is more important than everybody else - road rules don't apply to them - they are often aggressive and intimidating (tailgating etc) to other vehicles.
    2) P plate drivers in desperate need of serious correctional input via an accident - thinks like changing lanes right in front of a 20 tone truck at a red light, undertaking on the left and then darting right across 3 lanes, parking in clearways, turning into a stopped lane at the last minute and leaving the arse of their car blocking the lane they were in, no consideration for others.
    3) The incompetent, travelling 20km slower than the speed limit in the right lane, driving at night with no lights on, no idea where they are going, needing to move right across 3 lanes at the last minute only to realize they actually need to turn left and want back across those 3 lanes at a red light, entering an intersection they can't get through due to congestion and blocking all traffic at the change of lights - these things create congestion and light the fuse leading to aggressive and abusive behavior.
    It's a bloody nightmare
    Clearly licences are too easy to get
    Would love to see the police attending common problem spots and giving out tickets
    My other pet hate is cars that have been repaired but the headlights have not been aligned and are hammering other motorists - so common in Sydney - arggg
    It's really common for the crash offender to lie to both police and the insurance company.  I witnessed a car full of teenagers not paying attention and weaving in their lane, they had no idea they were headed for stationary traffic, I watched for 15 seconds (!!!) and sure enough they slammed into the stationary queue impacting 5 cars like domino's.  I gave my details to the drivers impacted.  The kids claimed the que had already crashed and they in turn crashed into the tail end.  Three insurance companies contacted me for a statement.
    So yes, a dash cam is basically a necessity these days :-(
  15. MartinZ added a post in a topic Replacing clutch, need advice   

    At 30kmph in 5th or 6th you are well outside the power band, the engine may not be developing enough power at that low RPM to cause the clutch to slip
    Get the car just rolling in 1st with the clutch up, floor the accelerator, if the engine RPM increases out of sync with road speed increase then you have a problem.  You could also use second but make sure you have over 2000 rpm when you floor it.
  16. MartinZ added a post in a topic Replacing clutch, need advice   

    if the engine rpm increases without an associated increase in road speed - slippage 
  17. MartinZ added a post in a topic Modifications   

    For some reason I missed this thread...I'll assume FI is out of the question 
    If you install good equal length headers, hiflo cats and a nice exhaust (nothing too fancy) and get the ECU tuned you will be pleased with the outcome (despite a likely cost of $3k excluding labor).  After driving this configuration I can tell you it's no fun driving the stock configuration any more, the engine does sound nicer and is more responsive (more so than the low HP improvement figures from the dyno).
    CAM's do help but it's very expensive, another $3k (including another ECU tune). So if you're going to do it, don't get stage 1 CAM's go for stage 2 in order to get a better return.  CAM's also take you down a round that deviates from pleasant daily driving.
  18. MartinZ added a post in a topic BERK HFC   

    Berk are good
    Not great buying from US with the current exchange rate (different story 2+ years ago)
    Postage from US is horrendous and increases significantly with weight and bulk making group buy impractical (highly unlikely to get a group buy together for a part that can last ~200k+)
  19. MartinZ added a post in a topic Would you use forcefield spray protectant on your soft top ?   

    Given this statement I would not use it "Not for use on vinyl or patent leather"
    If your soft top is not waterproof it's more likely to be stitching or fitment/sealing - this product won't fix either condition
  20. MartinZ added a post in a topic How to post an item for sale   

    There is no point having them here if they are not going to contribute
    They can use eBay and Facebook "Nissan V35 & 350Z Parts Sales Australia"
  21. MartinZ added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    That may have thrown a little fuel into the exhaust but not oil
  22. MartinZ added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    Is your engine burning oil?  It shouldn't be...
  23. MartinZ added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    Petrol can damage them and reduce their efficiency - unlikely there will be any crud
    My 350Z did 250k on the stock cats and they were fine
  24. MartinZ added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    Arggg - you should have done the headers or CAT's when the gearbox was out for the clutch job - makes it easier/cheaper
    You'll be disappointed with the cost versus benefit of high flow CAT's on their own
  25. MartinZ added a post in a topic NEED experienced advice on HiFlo Cats   

    Trouble is if you do the headers later you are paying for some labor twice - better to wait/save