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  1. BlueZ added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    Passenger Seat Sensor
    Hello all,
    Well it's been a few years but It's good to see this forum is still up and running.  I notice the old Speedo thread is still active :-)
    So, I was driving with my wife today and she noticed that the seat belt warning didn't go off when she took of the belt as we pulled into the driveway.  I assume that it's the seat sensor.  It doesn't worry me too much but I'm wondering if it will affect the air bags.  Will they go off if it thinks there's no one in the seat?
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  2. BlueZ added a post in a topic Tyre size and VDC   

    Thanks guys.  I'm not doing any racing so lowering the CoG is not a great priority, but not making the speedo any worse is so I'll stick with the higher profile.  I can get both of these sizes in Kuhmo.
  3. BlueZ added a post in a topic Tyre size and VDC   

    Yeah, I chose them because they were the closest to the stock rolling diameter I could get,  I'm sure others have tried different size combos and I was interested if anyone had had any problems.
  4. BlueZ added a topic in 370Z Wheels & Tyres   

    Tyre size and VDC
    I'm looking at putting on some wider tyres but one of the the tyre shops told me they had problems when changing the diameter of the tyres on the 370 - if there is a change in the rolling diameter, it messes up the VDC and ABS.  Has anyone come across this.
    I'm thinking about going from 245/45x18 to 275/40x18 for the rear and 225/50x18 to 245/45x18 for the front, probably Kuhmo.  Anyone else used this size combo?
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  5. BlueZ added a post in a topic Overheating clutch fluid   

    Thanks for the replies. I'll look at doing something with it if I head onto the track again.

  6. BlueZ added a topic in Track Talk   

    Overheating clutch fluid
    I took the 370 to Morgan Park last weekend for my first ever track day. It's pretty much stock apart from an X Force exhaust.
    Toward the end of the first run the clutch started feeling odd - not returning all the way out. After a bit longer it was going almost to the floor before feeling any resistance at all.
    After a short break of returned to normal but did the same during the next session. It was suggested that it was probably the fluid boiling and may be the clutch line too close to something hot like the exhaust.
    Has anyone ever experienced this?

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  7. BlueZ added a post in a topic Your thoughts on this video by MCM: 'CAIs Mythbusted'   

    I'm happy to be corrected, but in my opinion the stock 370Z already has CAI. The aim of cold air induction systems is to draw cold air from outside the engine bay instead of taking the warm/hot air that surrounds the engine, as was the case in older cars. The 370Z airbox draws it's air from outside the engine bay, just in front of the headlights. The air is already cooler than in the engine bay.

    With CAI kits, you do not get cooler air, all you get is pod filter replacements for the stock air box which need to be mounted inside the front bar otherwise they would get the hot engine air. Performance gains can only result from reduced resistance to intake flow. In the 370Z, I think the gain would not be worth the effort and expense.

    Just my opinion.
  8. BlueZ added a post in a topic Inaccurate 370Z (MY10) fuel gauge   

    I had my sensors replaced under warrantee at about 12K. It lasted 3 tank fulls then the top couple of LEDs didn't light up. Just before the 20K service, the lights started working intermittantly but I mentioned it again and they recorded it but we decided not to do anything about it at that time. I was going to push them a bit to get them replaced again on the 30K service (last week) but bugger me if they didn't start working properly about 3 months ago and haven't played up since. Mind you, now that I've said something, they'll probably play up again on the next fill. :-)
  9. BlueZ added a post in a topic What do you do for a job, what industry are you in ??   

    Industry: Health / Medical Imaging
    Position: RIS/PACS Integration Specialist
    Length of Service: 6 years
    Extra Info: Radiographer / Sonographer by profession (30 years), Software developer in my spare time,
  10. BlueZ added a post in a topic Fuel Economy....   

    Agreed with all comments. The 370 is really good on the open road - 7.8 l/100km is my best every, about 900km on a full tank. But on regular short trips it just sucks , literally, getting 13 - 14 l/100km or about 500km from a tank. On mixed driving, I usually get 9.5 - 10.5 l/100km.
  11. BlueZ added a post in a topic A/C problems   

    I took my 370 in to Nissan because the A/C stopped working.

    It was soooo embarrassing........

    Someone had pushed in the AC button and turned it off - everything seemed to work as normal, set to Auto but no cold air. Check under the knob for the light to say the AC is switched on.
  12. BlueZ added a post in a topic Heavy Goods Interstate Shipping   

    My work uses PFM. We think it must mean pure fkn magic.
  13. BlueZ added a post in a topic anyone done europe?   

    We went with friends who also got really sea sick. No problems there - it's a river, no waves and big wide boat. We didn't even know we were under way most of the time.
  14. BlueZ added a post in a topic anyone done europe?   

    I did the 14 day river cruise this time last year - Amstadam to Budapest. Bloody amazing! We went with Scenic Tours. Absolutely everything was catered for.More food than I could eat in a year (including drinks), tours, the lot. Best of all, you unpack in one room for the full trip. No on and off the bus, in and out of hotels. The price sounds expensive, but I did a quick calculation and I don't think we could drive, stay in hotels, eat at restaurants and see all the sights as cheap.
    Recommended +++++
  15. BlueZ added a post in a topic That rectangle thingo