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  1. Optimiser added a post in a topic Tein Flex Z adjustables   

    I purchased the MCA Reds about 6 months ago. The rears are true coilovers.
  2. Optimiser added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    Not that I've noticed.
  3. Optimiser added a post in a topic Dtrl with headlights on?   

    I had an auto elec do it without issues about anything at the panel beaters while my 2012 was being repaired from a medium front end collision (lady came out of side street and I t-boned her Tida!). I was lucky enough to source a 2013/14 bumper with the DRL's at the time. Preferably I do not have the above issue with the parking/instrument lights on all the time. It all works properly as I want it.
  4. Optimiser added a post in a topic 2010 370z Bluetooth Music Stream   

    I agree.
    I have a 2012 model which steams fine with bluetooth using the "AUX" button.
  5. Optimiser added a post in a topic Stupid Coilover Related Question   

    I have recently invested in a set of the MCA "Reds". Yes a true coilover in the rear so those big springs in the trailing arms are deleted now. Fantastic ride! I previously had BC-BR's which I didn't think were to bad although a bit harsh and was lowered about 25mm with aftermarket camber arms and traction rods. I am higher now using MCA's recommended height settings (suspension needs to travel) and I don't miss being lower one bit. (I'm a bit over scraping on driveways, etc).
  6. Optimiser added a post in a topic Mishimoto oil cooler my experience   

    I've had the same Mishimoto oil cooler on my 2012 (has factory "oil cooler" and I didn't go with a thermostatic plate fitting) for a few years now and all good. No issues on the track either with just it, stock power steering cooler and stock radiator. The Americans seem to not think much of Mishimoto though and go for Setrab brand.
    I use Motul 330v 10W/40 oil with a large aftermarket sump and change oil and filter every 5000k's.
  7. Optimiser added a post in a topic Engine Ticking Noise   

    I recommend Revzone in Ringwood.
  8. Optimiser added a post in a topic 2009 370z sat nav update   

    I agree !
  9. Optimiser added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    No special fuel systems, just the 340LPH new pump.
    Car is running great and no issues so far. I can really notice the extra torque/power compared to the stock Stillen setup. 
    I need much more traction now than ever before and have just ordered new Yokohama ADVAN-Neova-AD08's.
    I've also ordered new suspension to replace my BC BR coilovers. I'm upgrading to MCA "Red's" Made right here in Oz and top quality stuff!
  10. Optimiser added a post in a topic Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!   

    No Matt tuned the car.
  11. Optimiser added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Dyno results from Air to Air upgrade!!!
    Well finally after months of waiting for and stuffing around with parts from the US and lots of $$$ my shop has finally completed my A to A upgrade!  
    Some things to note were that the Stillen fuel pump ran out of pressure when engine was at 5500RPM and was replaced with a 340LPH pump. I've ended up using a 3.00" improved traction SC pulley, stock jack shaft pulley and a 2.80"improved traction serp pulley, giving me 10PSI. I replaced both the SC and serp belts and used the extra idler pulley (with special spacer), that was supplied to me by the most helpful and friendly "TBatt". This is to try and stop any belt slippage on serp side. I am also using the Tial BPV.
    The Stillen fuel injectors did not need replacing and I'm using BP "Ultimate" 98 RON fuel which is the best you can get here in Australia. The injectors didn't max out and are fine with my current tune. I'm also Uprev tuned and using the stock MAF's, so no SD tuning on this. The dyno is a "Dynapack chassis dyno which are popular in Japan. They are the "static" ones where your (driven) wheels are removed and connected to a unit that spins a hydraulic pump/motor. The wobbles on the dyno graph's lines are due to the Dynapack's sensor which fluctuates a bit in hotter weather (it's middle of summer here down under) and is therefore not at all to do with fluctuations with the engine, so ignore them. The tune is very stable and smooth and the engine idles perfectly.
    Overall I was hoping to get a bit more power than this, but around 450 (safe) WHP and about 352 wheel torque, it's still great and I'm happy. I'm also glad it's all over and I have my car back finally! You can see the before (Standard Stillen setup) and after (TopGunz A to A upgrade) results on the dyno charts.

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  14. Optimiser added a topic in Media Gallery   

    370Z fatal crash
    This accident occurred last night in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. I hope it wasn't a forum member.
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  15. Optimiser added a post in a topic Clutch slave cylinder (CSC) failure   

    Get this. I did and it's reliable.