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  1. blax added a post in a topic 2j in a 370z   

    you mention you want to get it registered, so I assume its not a track only car, therefor don't quote me but my understanding is the engine going in must be the same year or newer than that of the engine it's replacing, (or something along those lines hehe) 
  2. blax added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    sits beautifully, well done. 
  3. blax added a post in a topic asianRobert's Daily Driven 350Z   

    ooooh new shoes is always an exciting time, looking forward to the pictures! Great choice in rim too
  4. blax added a post in a topic My Z wants a facelift   

    personaly I really like the look of your car as is, if I was to add anything I would perhaps think about an Areosync front bumper, very clean and simple, with out the need to add other stuff like side skirts, rear bumper or spoiler, bla bla bla, you know the 'less is more' kind of thing.

    just my 2 cents
  5. blax added a post in a topic Single turbo conversion for a 07 HR 350 - HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!   

    +1 on what ChrisS2010 said
  6. blax added a comment on a gallery image JA2.jpg