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  1. Daniel Gray added a post in a topic Something wrong with fuel gauge?   

    My fuel gauge was also reading incorrectlyand I did took the sender unit on the passenger side of the fuel tank and the fuel pump on the drivers side of the fuel tank and cleaned the contact circuitry, I can’t think of the right terminology. There is a guide over st the 350z UK forums, it does require you to access the fuel tank though which is difficult. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Daniel Gray added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    1/5 engine starts failing
    1 our of every 5(or so) starts turn over without ignition. It's been happening for months and I cannot identify any kind of pattern. It's completely random.
    I can try over and over and the engine will not start UNTIL I take the key out for 30 seconds and try again, then most of the time the engine will start immediately.
    When the problem started happening, RACQ came out and replaced the battery which did nothing.
    Do you have any ideas?
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  3. Daniel Gray added a post in a topic Average age of Z owners??   

    28, 350Z. Had a 300ZX when I was 22
  4. Daniel Gray added a post in a topic What Watch is on your wrist today?   

    Timex weekender with leather strap. Love it! It's so easy to change up the strap to suit your outfit
  5. Daniel Gray added a post in a topic Add to the sentence   

  6. Daniel Gray added a post in a topic [QLD] Spotted!   

    Pewter Gray 350 near Costco, North Lakes around 6pm, Monday 18/5. Looked nice at dusk!