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  1. Kam80 added a post in a topic wheel advice - square or no for track&daily   

    Square. 285-wide on a 10-inch is perfect but the Clubsprint rules say you can run up to a 295, in which case you will want to go the 10.5...assuming you will fit a 10.5 +15 under a V35 guard, you would definitely struggle on a Z33. Personally I would go the Tracers because they are sexier than RPF1's, but for the track the RPF1 is a superlight wheel, even lighter than the TE37SL.
  2. Kam80 added a post in a topic Maintainence Cost of 2011+ R35 GTR   

    They are a heavy car with stacks of power. In my discussions with people who have purchased them for track use, they absolutely chew tyres, brakes and fluids so if you're planning on buying one to do more than just the occasional track day in, the costs are a lot higher than something lighter and less complicated (E92, 997), which is why I have gone off them a bit. Also they tend to have overheating problems on the track, particularly the transmission and gearbox / diffs. I'm not sure about regular daily driving, I don't think the costs would be a lot higher than an M3, especially if you're using OEM replacement / service parts. Having said that, they did a TCO study of the GT-R versus a 997 GT3 (or was it a turbo?) when the GT-R first came out and long-term it was cheaper to run the Porsche. 
  3. Kam80 added a post in a topic Rear diffuser questions   

    It's probably creating some element of drag, but I'd go as far to say it's negligible...but by all means build a plate to cover the hole, it definitely won't be a negative effect.
  4. Kam80 added a post in a topic Rear diffuser questions   

    Depends on your exhaust and whether you have a body kit, but the air under the Zed is already pretty turbulent so unless you have twin cannons exiting through a really low rear-bar, like an INGS+1 or something, you won't have that much of a problem. 
  5. Kam80 added a post in a topic Entry Level Coilovers?   

    +1 on BC, good entry-level coilover.
  6. Kam80 added a post in a topic Diff rebuild   

    3.9 and 4.08 are aftermarket gears. The 3.7 final drive is actually made by Nissan (or is OEM at least) and can be found in one of the V35 variants, not quite sure which one though.
  7. Kam80 added a post in a topic Diff rebuild   

    Potentially your wheel bearings also. It's hard to isolate sounds when you're under the car as the reverberate all over the place. I'm parting my car out soon and will probably be selling my diff with Cusco RS 1.5-way, 3.7 final drive and Nismo finned rear cover if you're interested.
  8. Kam80 added a post in a topic New Race Car shocks   

    They sure are pretty! Winton two weekends ago my car wasn't turning right, suspected crap alignment as I'd been messing with ride heights a bit before. Took it into get aligned the next week and sure enough 7mm toe out on the left, hahaha, oops! 
  9. Kam80 added a post in a topic Suggestions on rims and other accessories   

    You should keep the rolling ratio as close to stock as possible for the Australian-delivered models. The US cars could have a different VDC calibration.
  10. Kam80 added a post in a topic Help/advice   

    That would be me, haha. Skim through my car blog, there's a bit of stuff in there.
    You can do the modification in stages but there are some things you should do before others. First up you need reliability mods; a good oil cooler and bigger radiator. You could also get a low temp thermostat but they're really only handy if you need to buy yourself an extra couple of minutes, like during a track session. You should do the radiator first because the intercooler and piping snake around it. If you're going Vortech the Koyo 36mm will work with the piping design but the 56mm (or whatever the big and small sizes are). Oil and water temp gauges will let you know if something is wrong, which is handy.
    I faffed about for a long time trying to get a GReddy E-manage to work properly but at the end of the day you should just go straight to Haltech, you get much better control of injector scaling and the Haltech MAP-sensor is excellent. I think there is a reflash going around that will also do the job, you might want to look into that because you'll never get the same sort of economy / cold-start properties with a standalone fuel management system (haha F&F quote). When I did my car there wasn't a reflash that would allow the level of timing retard and injector scaling that I needed.
    Walbro 255 fuel pump is enough and I have Bosch 720cc injectors, probably get 800cc or 1000cc so you don't have to buy these again if you decide to go E85, there's now also a bigger Walbro fuel pump that you should get so you can go to E85 without any additional costs down the track. E85 will probably get you safely to your 300kw target. Also with cams it's not so much the lift that you want to change, the overlap between intake and exhaust is tuned differently for FI, I believe there's less overlap for FI, so you can get get some FI specific cams but I'm not sure how much power this nets you versus the amount you have to pay for pulling the head apart.
    Don't bother with a plenum, the stock one is fine once you go FI, but tuned length manifolds help and will net you a few KWs.
    With regard to the various kits out there, Vortech gives you the most flexibility because you can play with gearing ratios to get more boost, also you get very linear power delivery, which is ideal for the track if you're wanting to feather the throttle through the corner. I discounted the ATI procharger because it was rumoured to be very loud and the pulley system was inferior to the Vortech. The other real alternative is the Stillen roots charger, but you need a bonnet hump to clear the charger, which I think is ugly (but to each their own):

    But the benefit of roots is big torque down low.
    The stock Vortech setup makes around 8 PSI which gets me just under 270kw a the wheel on a conservative(ish) track-tune, you could probably push it out to 280kw on the ragged edge.
    I think the VQ as a platform for FI, even when stock, is pretty reliable. I think the Zed has done at least 20 track events FI without any issue, but I have to do a cool-down lap half way through the session otherwise oil and water temps go past the safe threshold, at the end of the day so long as you're keeping heat and revs in check, the engine should live a long life.
    From a balance perspective, you add about 25kgs past the front axle-line, it's not end of the world stuff but I have found I've had to work a bit on the suspension and sway bars to balance out the car, once the half-cage went in it was a bit better, haha. The handling package of the 350Z does lend it self to having more power. The longer wheelbase (over the 370) makes it a bit more forgiving when you're standing on the go-pedal and skating around.
    So all up you'll probably have change left from $15K and could probably do it for closer to $10K if you were willing to do some of the work yourself.
  11. Kam80 added a post in a topic Circuit / Track Times (always updated), All nicely set out :)   

    Wow that is fast. Congratulations!
    Yeah 18s provide the best range of widths. You can run 17s on a 350Z but the tyre widths tend top out at 255/40/17 unless you go for something like Hoosiers, even then you may out at 275 I think.
  12. Kam80 added a post in a topic Bride Leather Racing Seats   

    They are a little bit more buckety but close to the ergo. Would recommend a Stradia over the Gias as the thigh pads are really high on the Gias and I have to slide the seat back in order to get in and out. I think I got them from Jesse Streeter in Japan.
  13. Kam80 added a post in a topic 6 Speed Manual Transmission Synchromesh   

    I would vote new box out of the states. I broke 3rd - 4th selector fork in my Zed and had the box rebuilt, and has never felt as tight. Now I have 6th gear synchro ring issues, I have to shift very slowly into 6th, costing a bit of time at PI and Sandown. From memory I paid close to $2K to get a rebuild, a new 350Z box from the states would only be marginally more expensive than that.
  14. Kam80 added a post in a topic 350z hr nos install   

    But for those ten seconds or less, I'm free.
  15. Kam80 added a post in a topic Lube change frequency   

    The torque setting for all those plugs is somewhere around 20 ft/lb, which is equivalent to about a quarter turn with a 1/4-inch tool. I've had to replace one of the drain plugs before from over-tightening, was lucky to get it out.
    FWIW, I change diff every few track days and transmission when it starts to feel crunchy, usually around 3-4 track days. I use the Motul gear stuff in my car.
  16. Kam80 added a post in a topic Porsche Cayman 987   

    Yep there were some revisions to the IMS along the way, like introduction of a double-row bearing. I think the incidence of IMS failure was reduced in newer cars.
  17. Kam80 added a post in a topic Porsche Cayman 987   

    Boxster/Caymans are brilliant cars to drive and the feedback you get through the steering wheel and chassis are on a different level to the Z33/Z34. Having said that you have to get used to the mid-engine twitch that happens on the limit (if you've skateboarded before it's like getting the speed wobbles). 
    Contrary to popular belief, they're not actually that expensive to maintain. Oil filters are the same price and they use the same type of synthetic oil (albeit many more litres). The cost to service my Boxster with Motul 8100 (Porsche approved oil) is still cheaper than servicing my Zed with 300V. The service interval is also longer on a 987 than it is on a Z3X. If you don't do your own servicing there are a number of Porsche specialists that will do hand-book servicing fro you for far less than Porsche. Also, because the car is lighter you will end up using less tyres and brake pads than a Z33/Z34.
    Apart from the ongoing intermediate shaft (IMS) issue with all M96 engines (except for GT3/GT2 variants), the cars are pretty bullet-proof. Having said that if you are not aware of the IMS bearing issue you'd better read up on it before deciding to buy a 986/987/996/997 as that single problem alone could completely put you off owning one. There was a class action in the US that Porsche ended up settling, no such luck here in Oz. 
  18. Kam80 added a post in a topic Aftermarket diff   

    But you definitely don't want to be hanging on to the dirty viscous centre when you're going FI. If I had my time again switching to either a helical or clutch-pack would be one of the first mods, it makes a huge difference. 
  19. Kam80 added a post in a topic 370Z New model wish list.   

    It's a real cross-roads for Nissan. The FT86 has proven that there is still a robust market for cheap, light, RWD sports cars, so does Nissan reintroduce the Silvia (IDX concept shows they're kinda thinking about it) or do they move the Zed away from sports-touring towards something more lightweight and involving. If I was looking to replace my 350Z as a track car I would want something smaller and lighter, say 1200-1300kgs with around 250-280kw turbo (VQ30DET comes to mind).
    If I was looking to replace the daily then the current size is fine and would sacrifice weight for some more mod-cons. Ideally a greater divide between track and touring specs would be good, not just braking and some cosmetics but make the track-spec significantly lighter by reducing unwanted options and give it more power. 
    Will probably be looking to consolidate cars sometime in the next year or two, will be interesting to see what's available in the next generation.
  20. Kam80 added a post in a topic Z33 Race Seats   

    Bride rails are about a 1-inch drop in height from stock. I have Gias seats.

  21. Kam80 added a post in a topic Inconsistent Pedal Travel - 2009 Track (Brembo's)   

    Potentially caliper knock-back from your brake rotor. I have had that issue when going around high-speed sweepers like turn 3 at Winton or turn 1 at PI, the next time you go for brakes you have to tap it up. I've found switching to a 2-piece rotor mostly fixes my issue.
  22. Kam80 added a post in a topic Need ideas how to increase performance :)   

    Not advisable to do your own tuning. I have an AFR meter in my car and will occasionally tune the idle, but that's about it. Unless you have access to a dyno, AFR meter and can listen for ping, don't do it. I'm also not a fan of the off-the-shelf map, every car and every engine is different. What works for one engine doesn't necessarily work for another.
    Injector flow will be fine unless you're constantly using questionable fuel. Is there something about your car that leads you to suspect clogged injectors? 
  23. Kam80 added a post in a topic Need ideas how to increase performance :)   

    Yup, plenty of headroom in the stock injectors for light N/A tuning.
  24. Kam80 added a post in a topic Need ideas how to increase performance :)   

    Standard breathing mods also carry over into F/I applications, essentially you're not wasting money if you go for high-flow cats and cat-back exhaust. The original VQ35 also benefits greatly from a plenum spacer. This will take you to around 170rwkw and from there you can decide how far you want to take it. The original VQ35 does top out at less than 200rwkw with bolt-ons though. If you want higher than that you're cheapest option is to go down the path of aspiration change via turbos or superchargers. Alternatively you could just drop an LS2 in and be done with it.
  25. Kam80 added a post in a topic Yaw Sensor Fix   

    I need to fix this on my 350 as well...not being able to trail brake is pissing me off...