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  1. Diz added a post in a topic VQ35DE engine build help   

    I have sent Mr Hideki an email, but they only work with japan local customers.
  2. Diz added a post in a topic 350z NA Build - crate engine from Japan   

    Thanks Pez. Yes, I've read good things about the cosworth vq. I'll give Brand a call. Anyone worked with Pulse in Menai? I'm thinking of engaging them to bolt it all together. Sorry about the spacing Tapatalk is working on fixing it. Sent from my SM-G9200 using Tapatalk
  3. Diz added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    350z NA Build - crate engine from Japan
    Hi, Anyone know if/ how I could get a crate vq35de rev up from japan? Or perhaps get an engine built and balanced by a company in Japan (MRC maybe?)? Or is there an engine builder you recommend in Australia? From forums and google, there's a couple of US companies that do it: z1, AMS, importpartspro. But I'd like one that uses Jap parts instead of US stuff (I'm thinking Nismo spec 2 cylinder heads, crank, Tomei cams, manifold, cats, hi tech exhaust). I want to keep it na. I know FI gives more power for the money. I bought the Z because it was NA, and I just want to turn into the best version of an NA car I can (my fave car is the LFA). I'm at the stage of putting a cashflow together, and need to get a sense of the options for achieving the build, and the costs involved, so I can stage the build according to my budget. My car is in need of a mega refresh. Its handling like a dog after a minor accident, the engine is eating oil, there's holes in the cat, there's a couple of scratches and dents and a loud whirring sound from the back (diff bearing or wheel bearing). It's just short of 200,000km and needs some tlc. It's been my daily for 10 years. I'll have this car for another 20 years (hopefully!). Sent from my SM-G9200 using Tapatalk
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  4. Diz added a post in a topic A drunken guide to washing your Z   

    Wow. Loads of effort.

    Is it OK to use washing detergent? I use the Final Inspection car wash, which I love, but I do struggle getting the real grimy oily stiff from the front of the car.
  5. Diz added a post in a topic A drunken guide to washing your Z   

    Go To final Inspection.com
  6. Diz added a post in a topic Bloody clutch   

    Yeah, that's normal.

    If you came from lower power cars (as I did), you'll get used to the lower revs you need for smooth shifts.
  7. Diz added a topic in General Z Car Discussions   

    Sevice Center - West melbs
    Hey Guys,

    Anyone know of any good service centers in the western suburbs of melbourne?

    Maybe a Performance Center that deals with Mods?

    Looking around the internet I only find reviews for places in the East.
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  8. Diz added a post in a topic Factory warranty upgraded from 3 years to 4 years!   

    I paid just over $1000 to get an upgrade to 5 year warranty for my 350z.