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  1. ZspeedPerformance added a topic in Engine & Drivetrain   

    Clutch, Flywheel, Hydraulics Tech
    I was asked to do a post on some technical aspects of the 350Z clutch systems so I will try to help you guys out here a little and put out some info on commonly asked questions and hopefully answer some of your quesitons.

    Some of this is basic stuff and I will shed some light on more complex areas of these systems.
    I will be adding to this as my time allows.
    Hopefully this will shed some light on the areas of clutch replacement, Common problems, Popular upgrades (at least here in the states) and the differences among brands
    03-06 350Z/G35 Sedans, Coupes 2003-2007 VQ35DE clutch/flywheel systems.
    Factory Set-up
    Clutch, 240-250MM Disk (depending on year)  Self adjusting pressure plates came in some 05 and all 06 cars.
    Exedy stock replacement clutch kit  (stock clutch looks almost identical)
    Picture shows NON-self adjusting style pressure plate.

    Dual Mass Flywheel 28-30lbs
    Dual mass flywheels were introduced in recent years to reduce driveline noise as engine compression ratios became higher. The engine firing pulses can cause trans rattle and by using sprung, dual mass flywheel it absorbs these noises and harmonics into the driveline. This noise is commonly called "Chatter" when going to a single mass replacement flywheel. It's actually not "Chatter" Clutch chatter is what happens when going to a more aggrssive clutch material (more on this later)
    VQ35DE Dual Mass OEM Flywheel, Common to wear out and cause noise and drivetrain shudder. Not resurfacable and recommended by Nissan to be replaced when clutch is changed, Very expensive to buy new.

    2003 and some early 04 cars have a stamped steel clutch release fork and long pivot ball.
    Long Pivot

    later 04 and up to 2006 cars came with the cast iron clutch release fork and short pivot ball.
    Short Pivot

    Weak link
    Stock 03 clutch fork
    The stock fork in the 2003 and early 2004 cars was a stamped steel fork, These are pretty weak and cause poor release of the clutch esp with an aftermarket clutch kit, This is one of the main reasons for early gear box failure and grinding issues in the transmission
    Stamped Steel Clutch Fork

    The 04-06 cars have a Cast Iron clutch release fork, This was introduced early in 2004 and normally come with any new repeacement trans from Nissan.
    Cast Iron Clutch Fork

    Complete Upgrade kits are available with Cast iron fork, Chromoly Pivot Ball and related parts to upgrade the early cars.
    You need the Fork, Short pivot ball, both attachment springs, the original dust boot can be reused if your is in good shape by cutting the tab off where the fork slides though or can be replaced with the newer style (pretty cheap)

    03-06 Use and external clutch release slave cylinder
    03-06 350Z Clutch slave cylinder (also used in the G35 up to 2007 in the coupe models)

    More coming soon!
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  2. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Clutch pedal to the floor. No pressure. No fluid   

    Your slave in your car is internal, ALL 07+ HR and all VHR 370Z, G37 cars have a internal slave cylinder/Bearing assy which requires the transmission to be pulled to change
    This is a VERY common weak link on the HR/VHR cars and is the reason we offer a HD version of the internal clutch slave. 
  3. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Help Clutch Replacment Issue (South Bend)   

    350Z HR and 370Z VHR along with the G37 G35HR all use the same clutch, fly and slave kit.
  4. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Help Clutch Replacment Issue (South Bend)   

    They all use the DE pressure plate, It is actually a hybrid plate as the fingers are longer to work correctly with the OE style bearing, there is plenty of contact on the bearing surface.
    The OP  has the HD pressure plate (stage 1-2 kits which has a slightly bigger hole then the Stage 3 and up plates) but both will work perfectly.
    The pics he shows above are of the pressure plate not bolted down to the flywheel with the clutch disk, Once it is bolted down the fingers begin to come in and will then make correct contact with the bearing.
    The reason they use the DE pressure plate is because it is a much much much better plate design than the HR/VHR plates.
    Everyone that makes a kit for the 350HR and 370HR use the DE style pressure plate, although they may roll the fingers over to make it look special
    We have sold and installed many of these kits, they have no issues.
    We worked with South Bend Clutch on the design of all the kits to work perfectly in the Z33 Z34 cars.  We installed all of them and tested them all in our own shop cars to make sure everything is good with the design.
    We do not recommend anyone reuse the stock slave with any clutch, It is simply a pile of garbage and should never be reinstalled. Failure of it has nothing to do with the contact area of the fingers, The seal is garbage and if the seal doesn't fail the plastic release bearing retainer will eventualy break and fall apart blowing the slave from over extension.
    Less than 6,000 miles on this OEM HR clutch slave. Yes, the bearing is supposed to be attached.

  5. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Help Clutch Replacment Issue (South Bend)   

    Hey guys, This is Joe from ZSpeed Performance and thought I would clear a few things up here.

    The Stock CSC is compatible with any of the South Bend clutch kits, Fitment is not the issue as the bearing will have plenty of contact area on the DE style pressure plates once the pressure plate is bolted down to the flywheel. Physically it works fine...

    The real problem with the stock CSC is the fact that it is very weak and the poor seal design will blow out in it with any aftermarket clutch eventually. It has a hard time staying alive with the stock clutch, add in a heavier load by an aftermarket clutch and it fails in short time. It is highly recommended to change it out with our HD version with ANY clutch replacement. It's a big job to change it and not something you want to do again after changing the clutch.
    We have the HD CSC for just about any clutch kit/model available.  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us! We can answer any questions you may have.
  6. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Noise when car in neutral and clutch disengaged?   

    You can greatly reduce the trans rattle in N by changing out the stock transmission oil to a better oil, We use Motul Gear 300 with great success, Red-line MT-85 also works very well. It is even more helpful when going to a single mass flywheel which makes the noise worse.
  7. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Help Clutch Replacment Issue (South Bend)   

    We've worked with South Bend Clutch for the last 10 years developing clutches and flywheels just for the Z's and G's, We can customize any South Bend kit to fit your needs and keep custom kits in stock over the stock offerings from South Bend that we think work best in these cars.
    Our ZSpeed HD slave will work with any aftermarket clutch, We have differerent designs for different clutch set-ups and we have just about all of them covered.
    We just signed up to Sponsor your forum here so If you guys have any questions, Feel free to PM, E-mail, Or call.  I am here to help.
  8. ZspeedPerformance added a post in a topic Wilwood 350Z HR Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade - Z33 HR 07-08   

    Sorry you are having issues, We sent one to a customer in a RHD car and was told it reached fine. How are you routing the line to the frame rail?
    We are currently working with a member here to redisign it so it will work better in the RHD cars.