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  1. pez5 added a post in a topic Bridgestone Potenza RE050A or RE003's?   

    Been a Bridgestone fan for years.  But just put some Michelin Sport 4's on .  I'm not going back to Bridgestone. They are loud don't grip as well .  
  2. pez5 added a post in a topic Convertible roof won't go down?   

    1.  I haven't looked , but i believe there may be manual override ,  check your service book.
    2.  Try leaving the car in the sun to help soften the top.   The vinyl may be too stiff to fold.
    3. Look up my350z.com ,  register ,  it's a big forum,  do a search in the  "350z tech" thread for "5th bow motor" .  Have a read.
    Good luck ,  post up if you find a fix.
  3. pez5 added a post in a topic 350z NA Build - crate engine from Japan   

    Look up Cosworth as well ,  they built some trick engines and parts .  I have  a Cosworth Plenum on my HKS S/C kit
    Look up AtomicPerformance.  They do Cosworth here in OZ.  Talk to Brad he is a brilliant engine builder. 
  4. pez5 added a post in a topic Calling on Pez5   

    hey just landed back in Oz .  Been skiing in Canada and the pow took precedence.  I'l Call soon.
  5. pez5 added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    thanks for the info .  Hope it was sorted out ok. The vision is impressive at Wakefield.
  6. pez5 added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    you have certainly hit the proverbial nail with the three types.   I agree the licensing system is a huge failure .  It gets you to place where you get a piece paper that has license written on it.  All beginners should go through an advance type training course that teaches pure driving basics/skills as well as mindset whilst on the road. (  Chrissy presents to my niece and nephew )
    I do notice on the M1 a good Highway Patrol presence .  They park in the middle cross overs and it certainly works to keep motorists checked.  But i don't see any in The Sydney Metro doing any checks in problem spots.  
    I also think our politicians have really let us down/failed with infrastructure .  Always too little too late. There are too many botch ups to mention here.    
  7. pez5 added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    Hey Ben all good welcome back.  I do get into Sydney a few times a week and avoid the peak hour times .  But !!!  Im noticing all this on the Central Coast as well.  Go figure.  I just gonna keep my cool and avoid these ass holes. it just doesn't pay to mess with people in that state.
    Dash cam on the way.
  8. pez5 added a topic in Off Topic Lounge   

    Dash Cams
    Looking for some comments and suggestions.
    Lately driving my daily - Honda Accord i am noticing a lot of anger on the roads.  Im getting a lot of the tail gating thing going on  while in the right lane in peak hour. Really the traffic is crawling!!!  While driving the M1 you see it even more mostly guys in utes/barge arse duel cabs thinking they have more god given rights than every one else.  I don't sit in the right lane at all!!
    Iv copped roundabout rage where the guys won't slow down on approach, wanting to own the roundabout. 
    Hey i could go on but is this me or is anyone else noticing this ?  Im thinking i'l get a dash cam, any suggestions.
    I'm not saying I'm perfect here , iv made the odd error while driving but i really feel rage lately .  Maybe the cause is its the end of the year and people need a chill out break !! 
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  9. pez5 added a post in a topic How to tell if CAT Convertor is blocked??   

    If it is a sensor ,  more than likely you'll get a code thrown as the device will be out of parameter.
    Back to normal...
  10. pez5 added a post in a topic How to tell if CAT Convertor is blocked??   

    When my Hi flow cat died , the exhaust note changed.  Best description would be "it sounded more muffled"  and a noticeable loss in power.
    Installed new ones replaced under warranty ( pro rata )  and i could see looking in the cat , the substrate had collapsed.
  11. pez5 added a post in a topic The right tiple..   

    Monteiths Doppelbock or as summer is approaching add in a mojito.
  12. pez5 added a post in a topic AFL is back footy fans.   

    Caan Swannies
  13. pez5 added a post in a topic Good buy?   

    The car does look good,  i would make sure the rag top , although new does open and close properly. Unless you are a bit handy at car reps, the " 5th bow motor " bushes do need replacement after a lot of use.  One way to tell is if on a reasonably cold day the vinyl will be stiffer ,  try the closing function, if the top stalls/freezes at  any point then the motor/s may need overhauling. IE the motors don't have the energy to fold the top down
    If you can't get an reliable inspection done,  then look for traces of blue smoke from the exhaust i ) from a cold engine and ii ) at idle.
    The gear box is a good unit so no crunching while changing.  The GB is a noisy one so expect some noises that will sound like release bearing wear.
    Take a rag and look at the oil on the dip stick , if its not fresh as claimed then walk away.
    Ring Reliance Auto and confirm. The price is your call, compare with other similar Zees.
    Good luck.
  14. pez5 added a post in a topic AFL is back footy fans.   

    Great win for the Swannies , now into the GF.  Bulldogs or GWS?   
    Any way i just want to salute 2 Geelong stars - Corey Enright and Jimmy Bartel.  
  15. pez5 added a post in a topic Oil catch cans   

    The pcv valve is not one way,  it is bi-directional in certain instances .  
    Without going into detail due to the complicated nature of the plumbing required .  You will get lots of argument on CC installation. 
    Have a read of this thread at my350z , i based my instal on the info here. I'm FI revup. http://my350z.com/forum/forced-induction/397574-ne1-removed-pcv-on-passenger-side-valve-cover.html  .   There is great info here amongst a bit of BS.
    Here is my instal  http://zclub.com.au/forums/index.php?/topic/1056-pezs-zee-track-days/#comment-43871 . Look at the first pic at the start of the thread and you'll see the CC next to the power steering res.  Iv modified since that photo was taken,  I'm now running a second inlet from the breather at rear of the passenger side valve cover .  Its very difficult to get to as the fire wall makes it very tight. Iv also installed one way check valves to prevent damage from a possible back fire.
    Also FYI in my build i did disable the pcv.  
    Have a read and come to your conclusion for your given build. All the best with your build.