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  1. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Metallic grinding / ticking noise when turning right   

    I'd get someone who is knowledgeable about suspension to take a look, in case it's a bent arm or something.
  2. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Do I have HID lights?   

    I think HID's were from 06 onwards, so they should be Halogen globes. Mine's an 03 as well and it uses H7's I think from memory.
  3. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Hi   

  4. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Tyre Lettering?!?   

    I'm just out of Ballarat, the temps here have been about the same as Canberra. People are using stick on tyre letters these days but they're expensive compared to a roll of tape and a can of spray paint.
  5. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Tyre Lettering?!?   

    In this heat, it will crack straight away. These are the results after driving for a day on tyres with lettering done with a tyre pen in summer: 

    If you spray paint in light coats it works much better, but it's probably best to use flexible paint as it all comes off eventually with wear and washing:

    Also keep in mind it takes bloody ages to stencil everything out and it's back breaking leaning over your tyres for hours making sure it's all spot on.

  6. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Can the Nissan 350Z Bose stereo play MP3 and iPhone connector   

    ^^ Got the same in my car, works a treat
  7. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Dash Cams   

    I got myself a dirt cheap dash cam from ebay a couple of years ago and it's served me well thought it's a pain to set up. I got a slightly better one for myself for xmas so I'm going to stick my old one in the back window. There are cams and systems out there that do both but my budget doesn't stretch that far!
    Also, I capture lunacy on the roads around my place almost daily and have heaps of videos of people driving like morons.
  8. RobZ33 added a post in a topic No one wants to sell their Z :(   

    Buy a different colour and have it wrapped white?
  9. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Suggestions to do up my Z   

    Low Z's barely scrape on anything! They have short overhangs at both ends and they're perfect for slamming, just choose your driveway carefully and don't hit the wheel stops at the end of car parks. I'm fairly low and not on coilovers, I agree they're overkill for the street.

    Most people chuck and exhaust and air filter on as their first mods, or springs/coilovers and all the bullshit that goes along with it (camber arms etc), or both. Basically your imagination (and wallet) is the limit with these cars, there is so much available off the shelf.
  10. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Hatch struts   

    Beware of using struts that are too high pressure, remember you have to close the hatch afterwards
  11. RobZ33 added a post in a topic New member and Z Owner in Adelaide   

    Looks great! Welcome
  12. RobZ33 added a post in a topic New member owner from Melbourne   

    Very nice mate, welcome!
  13. RobZ33 added a post in a topic IMPORTANT ADVICE: Don't run spacers!   

    Don't stress mate as long as you torque them properly and you're keeping it on the street you will be fine.
  14. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Exhaust clearance and height defects   

    Lol if you hit someone in a Z there is no way they are going under the car.....
    It sucks how some cops seem to have a vendetta against low cars, I've heard all sorts of stories about people being defected over a slightly lowered car. Almost every car I've owned has been lowered (usually way too far) and I live around the corner from the local traffic police depot, the most attention they have given me is a thumbs up on the way past!