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  1. RobZ33 added a post in a topic 370z Spare Button in Center Console (between heated seats)   

    Nice job, looks great
  2. RobZ33 added a topic in Interior / Exterior   

    How to replace stupid broken cup holder on 03 350Z
    Hi Blokes,
    I've been putting off replacing my cup holder for a while now after it became jammed in the dashboard. After heaps of googling and checking and rechecking photos, I've just finished the job and thought some of you might find this guide handy.
    Parts and tools required:
    Philips head screwdriver
    10mm socket
    Replacement cup holder (including metal frame/carrier if required, I found it easier to buy the whole thing)
    If your cup holder is jammed fully in the dash panel, you can slip a credit card or a thin (soft plastic) pry bar in there to pop it out slightly. If you can get it out enough, there's a long slot at the top/rear of the plastic cup holder insert that you can insert a screwdriver into, depress the tab and pop the entire insert out. You'll find 90% of the time that the reason it's jammed is because of a malfunctioning spring right at the back which is inaccessible unless you can remove the insert. If you can't get it to come out enough, keep reading and I will explain how to remove it.
     Looking up from underneath the front of the cup holder, you will see a philips head screw holding on the fascia/cover plate. Once you've popped that off it should look something like this:

    Now comes the painful part. Just inside the cavity at the top is a 10mm bolt that needs to come out, but the cup holder insert is in the way (or was in my case). If you can see the bolt and gain access to it, then go ahead and undo it. Otherwise you will have to force the plastic cup holder insert out towards you, which will probably break the insert. If you're lucky like I was, it might pop out intact with a bit of force. The only other resort is to break enough of the plastic insert until you can see this 10mm bolt:

    Once you've undone that bolt, move down to the passenger scuff panel along the door frame and pull it out firmly but carefully, starting at the main clip at the front end and working your way half way along it (no need to remove the whole thing unless you want to):

    Once that's loosened/off then you can start removing the kick panel in the passenger footwell. Right at the back of the footwell there is a plastic screw that undoes by hand (mine was missing) that needs to be removed. After that you need to gently work your way towards the front of the panel, pulling outwards carefully with firm pressure to pop it out of its clips. Be careful because the edges of this panel can be SHARP. You can see the holes for the clips once the panel is removed:

    Just above the kick panel is the last screw holding the lower dash panel on, the black one pictured here:

    Remove that and GENTLY begin pulling the whole dash panel towards yourself, starting at the area closest to the cup holder. There's one clip holding the panel at the bottom (below the cup holder) and a series of clips at the top. Once you've popped a few of them the panel should drop away like this:

    You can see a few of the clips along the top of the panel.Remove the whole panel and on the reverse, you will see the cup holder frame is attached to the inside of the panel with 2 black screws, one is shown here and the other is on the reverse side:

    From here it's just a matter of swapping over the old frame/insert with the new one, reclipping the panel to the dashboard and bolting/clipping/screwing it all back in in reverse order.

    Hopefully this one will last a little longer, it's a different design to the one that was in the car (which had also been replaced previously). You can see the difference in the inserts here (note the new cup holder is in the carrier frame and the old one isn't):

    Hope this helps anyone looking to do the same, I put the job off for ages cos it looked like a pain but it wasn't really that difficult in the end. All up it should take around an hour or less if you know what you're doing.
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  3. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Carbon Fibre Ducktail   

    Love a nice ducktail, I'm sure the effort will be worth it. Don't forget to post pics of the finished job!
  4. RobZ33 added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    Cheapest and easiest thing to eliminate IMO is the control box after checking the vent flap: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-350Z-Z33-UNIFIED-METER-AND-A-C-CONTROL-AMP-AMPLIFIER-27760-CD401-/282940350292
  5. RobZ33 added a post in a topic AC Temperature no range. Only cold or hot   

    I have the same issue, it's supposedly a fault within the control box. I haven't bothered fixing it but it is annoying.
  6. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Z'dsters   

    17s wouldn't fit over your brakes and 8.5 width will barely fill your guards. I run 20s on my 350Z and the front pair are 8.5's but they are a very low offset so they fill the front guards. My rears are 10" wide and I wouldn't go any narrower on a 370Z unless it's a very low offset. If you want to have a play around with wheels and tyre sizes to see what they look like, check out http://rimtuck.com/ 

    Also I am on my 4th set of Achilles tyres and I reckon they're awesome!
  7. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Nismo front end.   

    Sounds like the usual dealer/spare parts bullshit runaround to me. 
    I contacted a dealer in Melb and asked for a price on the bumper and mentioned it was for a non-Nismo 370Z and was given a quote for the bumper, 2 lower moulds and the badge without a problem. If you're not happy with the response from your local dealer I'd call Nissan Customer Care (1800 035 035) or have another dealership order it for you and have it sent to your local dealer for pickup.
  8. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Wheels / Rims not Road Worthy Victoria   

    No probs mate, enjoy your new car!
  9. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Wheels / Rims not Road Worthy Victoria   

    Here you go mate, you'll find it here:   https://infrastructure.gov.au/roads/vehicle_regulation/bulletin/pdf/NCOP11_Section_LS_Tyres_Suspension_Steering_Nov_2015_v4.pdf
    Also take a look at section 4.
  10. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Wheels / Rims not Road Worthy Victoria   

    If you take a look at Vehicle Standards Sheet number 8 on this site, under section 13.7 it states:
    "To remain within the scope of this section of VSB 14, a vehicle fitted with ESC must not be modified if the operation of the ESC is affected"
    Since fitting rims & tyres of an identical rolling diameter to the stock setup won't affect the ESC, there is nothing unroadworthy about the wheel setup.
    This link shows the difference in size between the original setup on the rear, and the current setup: 
    You'll notice on the left hand side the difference in rolling diameter is negligible and the track width increases by 7.7mm (you're allowed to go 25mm wider in track in Vic). So the Vertinis aren't going to affect the roadworthiness of the car.
  11. RobZ33 added a post in a topic How to get/import a Nismo 350z?   

    Agree with the above, but change DC2 to DC5
  12. RobZ33 added a post in a topic How to get/import a Nismo 350z?   

    You could always move to Japan or the UK for a year and bring one back as a personal import. 
  13. RobZ33 added a post in a topic 370Z or vw mk7 r   

    Not to mention VW are a pack of monkey-gassing arseholes
  14. RobZ33 added a post in a topic Softer ride with standard road clearance?   

    Buy a Mustang
  15. RobZ33 added a post in a topic 350z fuel consuption   

    $5k is a steal for a 350Z, make sure you have it checked out by a mechanic. Usually if something seems too good to be true, it is.